New York Comic Con 2009 Cosplay Gallery

The New York Comic Con has grown by leaps and bounds, evolving from a few small booths several years back to a massive production with tens of thousands of fans packing themselves into the Javitz Center. While there are so many things to see and do at the show, the audience itself can sometimes be the most entertaining part of the experience. With that in mind, here is a look of some of the costumed crusaders that attended Comic Con 2009.

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predator3508d ago

wow there are no fit girls

thegamereviews3508d ago

Guess the Wii Fit is not working for them eh

ThePimpOfSound3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Ha! Well the dude who wrote the captions is pleased, at least. Guess that's what happens when you're in New York but your big night out is at Comic Con. Burn!

italianbreadman3508d ago

Yeah, predator, I was a bit saddened by the lack of stunning beauties in those photos.

Oh well, I guess we just have to focus on the quality of the costumes.


gamesmaster3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

hahaha fargus fett, that pic made me laugh.

ThanatosDMC3508d ago

If you ever went to a comic-con you'll realize how many chicks are just not good to look at. I wonder about how comic-cons in Japan though. I bet it's a million times better.

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cain1413508d ago

Always an interesting read/view lol...

Cosplay is either the coolest or down right creepiest thing ever...


ihaten4glol3508d ago

Wow. Some of these are just plain full of fail. Some are pretty well-done, but

cain1413508d ago

I love how many people tried mario, but none of them succed...

cain1413508d ago


If you have to carry a sign to what you are then your costume probably isn't that great...

Dave4Film3508d ago

Nice pictures. If you could get Katy Perry to play Robin then I'd be really happy.

cain1413508d ago

That might actually be interesting...

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The story is too old to be commented.