Dude, Where's My Genitals?

It kind of bugs GamesRadar that naked man animals in games are missing the very anatomical equipment that defines them then men. They think it's massively unfair that they are never given any bollocks, especially considering that lady beasts are actually dressed with extra bits to enhance and accentuate their sexuality.

To show what an abhorrent disservice game designers have been doing to dangling animal scrotums over the years, GamesRadar has picked out a selection of gaming's manly animals and compared them to their real-world brothers. They think you'll be dismayed by gaming's absolute lack of love for representing animal scrotums.

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xabmol3570d ago

He want's to see nuts so bad he fuggin writes an article about it?

And lol @ BIoodmask for posting this. Geuss he's not seeing enough balls ether.

Seriously, WTF?!?!

Oh, I see now. BIoodmask spells his name "bi" oodmask. No, really. Copy and paste it in the comment box. lol

Evildoomnerd3570d ago

In before Lorena Bobbitt joke :)