A time to be tantalized, Pt. II

Globe and Mail game columnist evaluates the demos available for Halo Wars and Killzone 2, says the former "seemed a bit flaccid" while the graphics of the latter were "simply extraordinary." From the story:

"We're well into February and I'm still having more fun with demos and trailers than any of the full games rolled out to stores so far in 2009.

After spending hours growing ever more unimpressed with The Lord of the Rings: Conquest and Skate 2 this weekend, the rest of my gaming time was taken up with the new trial version of the PlayStation 3-exclusive Killzone 2 (it can be obtained through pre-order at EB Games) and a demo for the Xbox 360-only strategy game Halo Wars (now freely available over Xbox Live)...."

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killzone2flop3594d ago

Halo Wars will outsell KillZone 2.

lokiroo4203594d ago

And your mom will outsell both along with white bread!