Final Fantasy Anniversary Montage

Years of cutscenes from the long-going franchise Final Fantasy.

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Syko4278d ago

Watching that almost made me buy another PS2 just for all the FF games I loved so much...Well that and waiting for Guitar Hero 2 is killing me! No Doubt FF13 will sell PS3's!

Lex Luthor4278d ago

Excellent montage, brings back great gaming memories. Been a very long time since i've played them.

Maldread4278d ago

is really a great line of games. I must say FF7 is still the best for me, but FF12 has me really hooked for the moment. Excellent game, but really hard too.

Can`t wait to see what they come up with for FF13. A remake of FF7 is of course an interesting thought too, but it would probably not live up to the hype unfortunately.

GamerMan4278d ago

Thanks for the video... It's really amazing that there is that many FF games/movies out.

techie4278d ago

Hehe it gave me goosebumps half way through...and then got kinda cheesey.

I've only played VII...and never got to finish...was going to wait for the next-gen offering before I venture back.

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