GamerVision: NYCC: The Conduit Hands-On

The Conduit has always been a pipe dream – a hope too good to be true. The screenshots? Had to be fake. Videos? Obviously pre-rendered footage. There was no way that a game that looked that good could run on the Wii, which struggled to chug out the horsepower for the original Far Cry. Now that it has been picked up by Sega, the little shooter seems to be on track for a release in the near future. Other than Metroid Prime, which was more adventure than gunning, Nintendo has yet to attempt to deliver a true shooter on the system, but after playing the Conduit a few times over the weekend it appears Sega plans to do what Nintendon't.

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Danja3568d ago

welcome back Ninty how it's done...

wiizy3568d ago

is that a joke. of course i always like sega and look forward to great 3rd party wii games this year. but no one tops nintendo production. and its high voltaget making the game.