AATG: Tomb Raider: Underworld Review


"Though Lara's new kit and caboodle might feel fresh, essentially there's still a serious lack of invention or pushing the boundaries. It does feel like the developers paid attention to the various criticisms of their previous outings (and completely ignored others like putting those damned vehicle sections and annoying rolling globe bits in) so even though this is perhaps not the ultimate Tomb Raider game it's touted to be, there's more than enough of a foundation here for Crystal Dynamics to finally give us what we've all wanted for years - a game that feels as essential and as playable as the first two games in the series did, all those years ago. Sorting out the camera issues should be top of the list for the (inevitable) next outing, along with slowing down the main character's pace and trimming out some of the weird and needless extra bits of animation. Despite my various snipes at the game, it is still streets ahead of its immediate competition and despite not getting on with the demo at all, I really rather enjoyed the depth of challenge and the brain-mangling puzzles on offer in this."

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The Judderman3569d ago

I actually really enjoyed Underworld. Thought the puzzles and exploring were great.