1UP's most wanted PSP games for 2007.

At times, the PSP has seemed little more than a repository for quick-and-dirty ports and collections of decades-old games. Can the system ever shake that image? Let's take a look at this year's lineup.

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DJ4033d ago

Everything except Elder Scrolls and D&D look like titles that I definitely need to get. Hopefully they come out with another Killzone title for PSP, 'cause Liberation is ridiculously addictive.

Chagy4031d ago

Is coming to psp this year so that one should be added to that list

Armyless4031d ago

I'm surprised Castlevania wasn't on there.

StateofMind4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

You can add God of War to that list now.

I'm also looking forward to FFVII: Crisis Core. The gameplay is supposedly looking really good.

specialguest4031d ago

And to add to that, I read an article stating that the graphics were shockingly amazing for a PSP, even better than some PS2 games.

IPlayGames4031d ago

Good Games but it still wont beat the DS (too many braty kids) but for psp owners 2007 looks great.