GameArena: Saints Row 2 Review


"At the end of the day, Saints Row 2 is a stellar game. It's held back by a few big glitches which shouldn't have made it to the final release, but the sheer fact that I was able to look past these and continue to have fun is a testament to the fun gameplay. There's enough to do in Saints Row 2 to justify its purchase - and downloadable content in the future will continue to provide even more justification. The only people I wouldn't recommend this game to are people who fly into a homicidal rage over video game glitches."

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ape0073569d ago

saints row 2 is a good game

buy it now


rroded3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

n ya you have to reboot to yur last save but still hella fun

More to do than gta4 n customizing every things pretty cool. Still gta4 onlines better imo but glitch wise there about equal and the single player in SR2 is much more engaging. Tons of side quests storys funner to play even with the over the top gansta vibe.