Xbox 360 And PS3 To Share New IP; Everyone Wins!

Yes, it's true…there's some pretty good news coming in the form of a multiplatform title that will grace the likes of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Danja3536d ago

ur wrong about that you mean it adds more fuel for we are gonna have to sit through more PS3/360 graphics comparisons..XD

StayHigh3536d ago

now everyone wins? The PS3 got so many great first Party exclusive games this year and next..They should be crowned this year for having more games then the 360..Everything changes now when the PS3 have great games one wants to say the PS3 is a great game with a bigger library of games..360 fanbooys you make me

SupaPlaya3535d ago

I meant less fuel as in 1 less game that they use to say their system is superior.

I guess I'm wrong in the sense it doesn't matter what news "they" can still spin it to be negative. In this case, it'll be

"the graphics for this game is much better on my system. lol at your system"


Kushan3535d ago

Oh, I wouldn't bet on it. Starting from the first "PS3/360 comparison", they'll find some tedious reasoning as to why their console is better.

GWAVE3535d ago

Funny how now that PS3 is getting all the exclusives and many formerly-360-exclusive games are going multiplatform, journalists are screaming the tagline, "It's multiplatform? That's GREAT! Everybody wins!" when just a few months back news of Tekken 6 or Final Fantasy 13 going multiplatform brought sneers of "Hah hah! The PS3 is doooomed! It's losing all of its exclusives!"

Obvious journalistic slant is obvious.

Timesplitter143535d ago

Wii owners are not ''people'', didn't you know?

Anon19743535d ago

More people get to play the game - fantastic. What I do worry about is the lowest common denominator effect. I understand why developers like to try to keep games looking identical - if one party thinks they're getting an inferior product that stigma can hurt sales even if the game is good. What does bother me is when you hear companies like Terminal Reality talking about how much they could have done if they didn't have worry about porting the game, or ID talking about how all versions of RAGE are dumbed down because of the limitations of one particular console. Why should all gamers be held back because of the choices of one company regarding their hardware? This bugs me.

Trollimite3535d ago

it talking about the new ready a dawn job posting that asked for ps3 and xbox 360 developers. i highly doubt it.

if you trust this article as fact you will be sorely diapointed.

p.s. if the hiphopgamershow posted this you guy would be flaming him right now.

Maxned3535d ago

nah. Wii owners already got Okami and are about to get MadWorld

Kushan3535d ago


The difference between this and something Hiphopgamer would post is that this is actual news, backed up by a real source, about a new IP emerging, not a completely made-up headline, backed up by zero evidence, just to get clicks.


Less fuel?

Instead of a article announcing a new game or project we are receiving a article focusing on this game being multiplatform.

Correct me if I'm wrong but don't annoucements usually have the platform matter as an important info although way less focused point? Specially, less focused than

Instead of a new game thread this will become a multiplat vs exclusive thread, as probably (I won't go see for myself) there should be already people in the Open Zone stating it would have been better if exclusive to his prefered platform, just a matter of time 'till someone says something that stupid in the Gamer Zone and everybody goes boom: disagrees, bubbles, mod deletions and reports as Spam go all over the room. Crap hits the fan.

Less fuel for fanboy wars my @ss.

AllseeingEye3535d ago

And I fell for it. uunngh.

madpuppy3535d ago

Hal, Wii owners are too busy trying to convince themselves and everyone else that last generation gameplay and graphics are "more fun"...because :P

y0haN3535d ago

Two systems should not have the same IP address, it will cause serious issues. ;)

Tony P3535d ago

What do people think is happening here? That Sony and MS are collaborating on a new IP through Ready at Dawn? Doubtful.

A third-party dev plans to put out a new IP on *gasp* both 360 and PS3! So why is that amazing?

The real news is that Ready at Dawn will finally develop an original IP instead of working with others'.

AAACE53535d ago

You must be seriously stupid!

First thing, 360 has more games. Second you are a fanboy, so you don't like nor will you admit any game on 360 is good. If you look at the facts, 360 owners still buy the most games, while the great games for Ps3 that you fanboys hype up so well (LBP, WKC, R2) have a rough time selling 2 million copies, considering there are over 18 million Ps3 owners.

I still stand by my words that the Ps3 is a great console with great games, but you fanboys need to shut up with all the pointless comments and prove how great you think a game is by increasing it's sales!

360 fans show their support, which is why when Halo 3 came out it ended up selling over 5 million copies when there were about 15 million 360 owners. That's about 33%. The only game to really do that for Ps3 was MGS 4.

Point is, every year you fanboys do this. You talk all year about the great games coming to the Ps3, yet you don't try to get existing Ps3 owners to buy them. You instead choose to irritate 360 owners who would have probably bought a Ps3 and those high quality games, but were turned off by your negative attitude.

mgsfan3535d ago

aaaaaaawwwww i hate sharein ma stuff with him

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byeGollum3536d ago

i was wonderin the same thing

GWAVE3536d ago

There's a Kratos pic because Ready at Dawn made the PSP God of War game (which was excellent).

And before anyone starts screaming about the potential of God of War 3 on the 360, God of War 3 is being developed by SCE Studios Santa Monica, NOT Ready at Dawn.

mintaro3536d ago (Edited 3536d ago )

lol, quick to the trigger. Nicely done.


Kushan3535d ago

GoW3 WILL be on the 360!

...of course, I'm talking about Gears of War 3, not God of War 3.

Sitdown3535d ago

it was there simply because it was made mentioned of in the article....but I guess what gwave said sounds better.

terrandragon3535d ago

It's obviously because Kratos is such a badass. I'm getting a PS3 probably by Christmas, maybe way way earlier.

astronautbread3535d ago

it's funny how the headline and the picture of kratos get this 800+ on here, when the actual news is:
a developer that's never created their own IP or made any "current gen" games is making a multiplatform title. WOOOO!111!!!1!
they made psp versions of GoW and Daxter, and ported Okami to the wii.

sure, they could make a great game, but there's not much to go on right now...

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TheMART3536d ago

"Well, something along the lines of God of War"

Made by the Readyatdawn studios. Thats why the pic of GoW is there.

Max Power3535d ago

is there because Ready at Dawn made GoW: Chains of Olympus, and since they did a great job on that title i imagine that they will take some elements and put to a different game.

Pennywise3535d ago

The picture is there to fuel the fanboy flame war that takes place everyday on this site. Its just out of hand.

XxZxX3535d ago

yeah like HALO 4 is coming to PS3, maybe because of Bungie. WTF, themart can you be more retarded than that.

talltony3535d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Because that is being made exclusively for ps3 architecture and well its God of war 3 and its a sony franchise. Id put money that its Okami because that was ported to the wii.

bujasem_893535d ago

i've seen allot of STUPID articles but i'm surprised cause this just lifts the bar way up high when i didn't think it could happen any more jim tellin u made my shi**y day looool gave me a good laugh man xbots just cant stop lol i donut know where there energy comes from i mean how do they keep doing the same things after getting shot down so MANY times its a wonder as do they feed off the power of the sun or is it the pain of licking soaking water from an RROD towel no one will ever know loool

Jerk1203535d ago

Why are Ps3 owners so primitive?

Some of them claim to be around the age of 18-24 but damn they're so immature.


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killzone2flop3536d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

Hahahahaha God Of War Coming to xbox360 awesome.

Next Uncharted and then KillFlop 2.

brycespitler3536d ago (Edited 3535d ago )

but it never will... sony owns it


but since you are talking about a magical fanboy world where the impossible happen then i cant wait for the halo collection and gears of war to come out for the ps3 this summer.

No FanS Land3536d ago

God of war is what halo is to the xbox. think it will really happen?

LeonSKennedy4Life3535d ago

Are you admitting that it's a good game?

Kratos193535d ago

You are one stupid little boy. All the games you mention are owned by Sony. Yet again, Xbrats are desperate for the PS3's games.

Pennywise3535d ago

Just buy a ps3 already and quit being a flamer.

Aclay3535d ago

"Hahahahaha God Of War Coming to xbox360 awesome.

Next Uncharted and then KillFlop 2. "

Keep on Dreamin' PP.

Sony OWNS the God of War, Uncharted and Killzone franchise, and Sony also OWNS Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica and Guerrilla... but I guess I can't blame you, on the 360 you aren't used to that many 1st party games. ;)

If you want those games that bad just buy a PS3 and stop pretending like you don't want them. LOL

infamousinfolite3535d ago

Yes, Yes he is. See just like MGS4, when they see a new playstation game that they want they hate on it until they found out (rumors, news) that its coming to their system they praise it like the second coming. But isn' the article saying there will be a NEW IP?!

Graphics Whore3535d ago

You guys fall for his troll every time.

LeonSKennedy4Life3535d ago

Well, I PM'd him about the trolling. He's says he's really like that. I still don't believe him. Nobody is that ridiculous!

Gobuz3535d ago

You obviously can't read Flop, since when is God of War a new IP. Just goes to show you just jump right in there with BS without reading things first.

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