Troubled Economy May Not Effect the Wii

GamesAreEvil writes, "It's beginning to look like third party publishers will be focusing more on the Wii in 2009. Nintendo fared far better than many game companies and developers in the recent economic downturn. In a recent conference call with Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, commented, 'A number of major software manufacturers are reporting that they are experiencing a financially challenging time or that they will be scaling down their operations. On the other hand… I doubt that anyone in the industry was able to correctly forecast the current sales situation of Wii....'"

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supercharger51503596d ago

I'm a little skeptical that EA will really provide titles for hardcore gamers. They acknowledge that they missed the boat on casual gaming... To me that doesn't translate into making hardcore games. We shall see.

Hal Emmerich3596d ago

Well no **** sherlock I think the October, Novemeber and December NPD numbers proved it won't be effected.

bgrundman3596d ago

That is not necessarily true. The holiday season is not an accurate indication of a full year worth of sales.

roblef3596d ago

Why do we need more hardcore games? I'm guessing most hardcore gamers have a 360 or PS3. Why not let the Wii do what it does well: innovate, and bring in new gamers by the fistful.

SiLeNt KNighT3595d ago

When I was testing software for a certain dev. they would claim to spend a lot of resources on wii versions of games but in reality it gets just as much time as the ps2. basically the same development process.

At the beginning of '07 and '08 we saw the same articles "how devs will spend more money on wii development" yet we never see any outcome. It usually dies off within a couple months of seeing shovelware after shovelware released.

supercharger51503595d ago

I agree, that's why I got a 360... I'm still waiting/hoping for a Zelda for the Wii. And Twilight Princess doesn't count.

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bgrundman3596d ago

The trick is if they can maintain the kind of numbers they have been producing. Personally, I think that we may be approaching a saturation point for Wii sales soon.

CrAppleton3596d ago

Idk about that.. Wii has sold so damn well over the past couple years.. I don't think it's ever going to stop.. until Wii2 comes out

killyourfm3596d ago

What's interesting here is the blurb about EA devoting 1/2 its resources to the Wii in 2009. Given EA's recent slate of quality, it could push the few remaining non-Wii owners (self included) over the edge.

OR it could landslide into sub-par casual gaming hell.

roblef3596d ago

I think sub-par is something we spend too much time on. Ignore the shovelware, and read gamesareevil for the good stuff. Or any one of 100 other gaming sites. I have a Wii, and I don't buy pets-shampoo-a-thon because I don't like it. Why are we so worried that suddenly 6 crappy games will jump into our carts?

CrAppleton3596d ago

Either way.. it's good news for Nintendo.. the Wii is a ridiculous piece of equipment making ridiculous amounts of money

supercharger51503596d ago

Yeah, when you can play your gamecube games on it... they didn't take it far enough :(

Voiceofreason3595d ago

So PS3 isnt a big enough increase either right? Since after all you can play PS2 games on them. Whats the difference? You throw one out like its a bad thing and makes the console complete garbage compared to PS3 but the same can be said for it.

killyourfm3595d ago

You have to realize however that the majority of PS3's in circulations actually do NOT play PS2 games. Just felt compelled to point that out.

Fel3595d ago

Affect, not Effect.

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