Edge Killzone 2 Review: A Disservice To Game Consumers

PSXextreme: Look, we're not saying our review of the game is "right." We're not saying that personal opinion doesn't factor into an analysis of any video game. We're not saying that the consumer isn't entitled to gathering information before making a purchase; in fact, it's always recommended. But here's what we are saying- publishers have long since understood the power of the review score, and most any gamer will tell you that he/she won't drop the $60 unless they've first looked at some feedback. This being the case, we advise all of you to ignore the desperate-for-attention, we're-going-to-prove-our-elite-status so-called "review" from Edge that has the entire Internet talking.

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Hal Emmerich3516d ago

We can moan all we want about how unfair their reviews are but it won't change anything, if you don't agree with what they say ignore it and stay away from EDGE magazine completely if you feel so strongly.

...Also it is their opinion, let them have one.

Beast_Master3516d ago

I love reading reviews like this. Best graphics on any console game ever. One of the most addictive and well thought out multi-player experiences ever!===7.

50 cent blood in da sand== 8 or 9.

pswi603516d ago

People, here is a simple lesson for you:

Yes, they are entitle to their opinion. But I am also entitled to mine.

It's funny how people say "it's their opinion, let them have one". That's like saying "they can have their opinion, and you have to accept it".

No, I don't. Just because someone has an opinion doesn't mean it has to be accepted as valid. It is my opinion that I can fly....that doesn't mean it's true, or rational, or even close to reality.

So if you ever see someone saying "it's their opinion, you have to allow them that", the fact is that no, NO you don't. You don't have to accept anything you do not agree with.

You think for 1 second the writers at Edge care what gamers think? They obviously have their own agenda, which is obviously to be the minority for sensationalism/propaganda/web hits.

Ghoul3516d ago

"So if you ever see someone saying "it's their opinion, you have to allow them that", the fact is that no, NO you don't. You don't have to accept anything you do not agree with."

well yes and no

You do have to ACCEPT theyre opinion since its theyre right to have a different Opinion

but you dont have to agree with them and can argue about it.

StayHigh3516d ago

it is their opinion but their xbox360 fanboys!!it shouldnt count .They give all the PS3 exclusive games 6 and 7.While they score all the 360 games 9 and 10...That site should be shut down they put themselves in shames and make a lot of reviewers look bad..

Danja3516d ago

ppl should have expected's Edge they have done it time after time...bcuz they want hits and the spotlight top be focused on them..

move's not like there review was gonna affect ur outcome to buy the game...

pswi603516d ago

"You do have to ACCEPT theyre opinion since its theyre right to have a different Opinion "

Just because you are able to have an opinon does not mean that you should. For example, I have a right to free speech and can say whatever I want...that doesn't mean I should walk around yelling at people and acting like a jerk.

Let's be clear here people: the FACT is that I see many of people saying "let them have their opinion", the in reality nobody is trying to take their opinions away from them.

The FACT is people don't agree with their opinion, and are making their own opinions heard. Nobody has to agree with anybody.

And my opinion is that Edge is nothing more than toilet paper, and they are biased and inconsistent. They think they are so cool because they give good games low scores. You don't have to like my opinion or accept it. That's just the way it is.

eagle213516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

1up A/A+
IGN 9.4/10
GamePro 5/5
Xplay 5/5
Gamespy 4.5/5
Eurogamer 9/10

1up A/A+
IGN 9.0/10

edit: @omega 4, halo is hella LAME IMO so stay away from

Omega43516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

And what does Halo Wars got to do with it?

Why not compare Halo 3 (a FPS) its seems that Halo 3 was rated higher on all those sites so Halo 3 >> Killzone 2

What you fanboys have got to understand is Killzone 2 is JUST good NOT great and its seems like Edge was the only one not afraid the say it

Jager3516d ago

Good god Omega, Halo 3 on Meta is 94, Killzone 2 is 93... i guess that ONE (Key word here folks) point is the difference between a Great game and a Good game?

kid from brooklyn3516d ago

Do you really think Halo 3 would score higher if it was released at the same time as Killzone 2? Also Halo has nothing to do with this article so shut your mouth and suck it slow.

jBat173516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

hey, edge, can you honestly say Kilzone 2 is a 7?

this is a review not an editorial. you need to judge and evaluate the game based on it's merits and faults, not based on your own selfish agenda. your opinion should be, at the very least, reasonable. you need to back up your score logically. that's your responsibility as a gaming magazine.

if you say you can honestly say Kilzone 2 is a 7, even after every other reveiw gave KZ2 a significantly higer score, then, yeah, your doing us a disservice and leading astray those who rely on your reviews.

Lifendz3516d ago

Yes it is their opinion but what factors influenced that opinion? Was it a desire to be different or appear to be the only right review amongst the 9's? of the world? It comprises their journalistic integrity imo and it is at least conversation worthy. So yeah, no need to tell us to ignore them and that it's their opinion; we all already know that. If you don't want to engage in the conversation the exit is a mere back button away.

SiLeNt KNighT3516d ago

You being able to fly or not is Fact, not opinion. Just like EDGE is a bunch of fanboys...Fact, not opinion.

Great now that commercial popped in my head..."You guys say fact a lot"..."Fact, The new guy cuts his own hair...FACT".

solidjun53516d ago

you're brining in Halo 3 and arguing between 94 and 93? Hey everyone, remember that Adam Sessler article where he ridicule that fanboy for saying that Game A is better than Game B because of a tenth of a point? Well he was talking to Omega.

TheSadTruth3515d ago

"People, here is a simple lesson for you:

Yes, they are entitle to their opinion. But I am also entitled to mine.

It's funny how people say "it's their opinion, let them have one". That's like saying "they can have their opinion, and you have to accept it".

No, I don't. Just because someone has an opinion doesn't mean it has to be accepted as valid. It is my opinion that I can fly....that doesn't mean it's true, or rational, or even close to reality.

So if you ever see someone saying "it's their opinion, you have to allow them that", the fact is that no, NO you don't. You don't have to accept anything you do not agree with.

You think for 1 second the writers at Edge care what gamers think? They obviously have their own agenda, which is obviously to be the minority for sensationalism/propaganda/web hits."

They publish a magazine that people read, and make money. You live with your parents and have no job most likely. They have no agenda, they publish what they think, just like every other gaming site does. You nerds bash 1up, ign, eurogamer etc when your overhyped games don't get perfect reviews and now you're all silent when they give Killzone 2 near perfect scores. Your idiocy and hypocrisy is pathetic. Why is Killzone 2 getting such good scores when everyone here thinks Microsoft has gaming sites in their pockets? Oh wait, because every game before MGS4 and Killzone 2 was just garbage. Open your eyes.

callahan093515d ago

I actually highly agree with this article. I think it's unfair to be so harsh to the development team that put so much work into this product. It's a factually extraordinary achievement. The game isn't perfect, nobody's saying it is, but if you're going to give other games perfect scores, or even 9's out of 10, then this deserves to be up there with them. It's so much fun and it's such a technical achievement, and real human beings poured their lives into this thing, that it's unjust to judge on it on terms that are quite frankly astronomical in comparison to the grounds by which they've judged past games. LittleBigPlanet didn't have a story to speak of, it had bugs, and it's controls weren't perfect, and yet they gave it a perfect score. I feel that Killzone 2 deserves a similar treatment: to be looked at for what it does right, for the fun that it provides. They genuinely admit to how much fun they had in their review, and they nit-picked it to the point of tearing it down from the heights of fun that it legitimately provided them. Unfair. That's the word I'd use to describe Edge's treatment of this title.

But beyond that, what I want to say is that when I was a kid, all I had access to for reviews was EGM. If they gave it a score like this, and it was the only score I saw, I don't think I'd play it. I'd pick up FEAR 2 because they gave it the better score. But do the folks at Edge really believe that most of their readers who own PS3's should pick up FEAR 2 instead of Killzone 2? Somehow I doubt it. That's what makes this a disservice to their readers. Who knows how many people only have access to Edge, or only rely on Edge, for their game recommendations, but it's unfair to those readers that they're basically being told that if they bought Killzone 2, they wouldn't be having nearly as good of a time with it as they would with countless other games they're reviewing (and have reviewed) higher, which I know to be untrue. They're not putting themselves in the shoes of the consumer, which is why their score here amounts to a poor recommendation, in the sense that it's a recommendation that isn't in tune with what the public believes. They're recommending me to buy FEAR 2 over Killzone 2, and I think that's, quite frankly, out of tune with reality, opinion or otherwise, to be making that recommendation to their readers.

nix3515d ago

i totally agree with you... the world needs more people like you who sits and does nothing. let the media say anything they want... let them tear your hearts out.. why should we bother right? when i see people like you, it reminds me of a saying - i never knew so many idiots existed until i went online.

the only sad truth is your existence.

no-spin3515d ago

it is not okay for so called journalist to do whatever they want without being accountable. For many uninformed gamers the reviews are what determines the sale. Im not saying killzone 2 is perfect and anything else is bull. But the description in the edge review is not worth a 7. truth is, a small part of the media has tried hard to underplay killzone 2, sad because they will fail. the demo prove to me that kilzone 2 is more than some wannabes can handle, and their only response is jealousy. hating this game is like hating one of gaming great achievements. Hating any game that brings the goods is bad for the industry. I learn that no site nor magazine is safe, that is why i appreciate the post of true gamers in N4G, that show light into many of the media biased and bull. reviews now a days are very poor, because of poor journalism of some, now they are tainted.
I am looking forward to a media that reviews based on the games by itself and promote what is good of any console.
maybe MS has played its part by calling out the competition and showing off any kind of advantage their one year head start gave them.
This fanboy crap is out of hand, but if anything i like games for what they are, and not for what they are supposed to be...

JoySticksFTW3515d ago (Edited 3515d ago )

That about says it all...


Edge outted themselves on this one.

Maybe not as "PS3 bashers", but as attention-starved frauds

DaTruth3515d ago

For everyone saying that you are allowed to have your opinion, that is not always true. I could be of the opinion that the Holocaust didn't happen and I would be put in jail; Or, I could be of the opinion that the Israelis are wrong for what they do to the Palestinians, and I will be called anti-semite.

They should have a similar name and punishment for people who rate Killzone 2 under 9.

Enigma_20993515d ago

"...Also it is their opinion, let them have one."
THIS. As much as you may agree or disagree with someone's opinion, that's their god-given right... as is your right to think it's f*ckin' stupid or not...

McMee3515d ago

ok ok i wanna get something straight the only seemingly honest criticism of kz2 is that the gameplay isnt that innovative just really solid and familiar. Then on the positive points of the game its a technical breakthrough for ps3 development im not saying the ps3 hasnt produced quality games in the past, i mean the games gorgeous,the audio is fantastic, the AI and and character animations rock, the mp has received nothing but praise, and ive personally played the demo over half a dozen times. Now since when do all those factors not contribute to an overall review and are just intentionally disregarded for trying to justify bullshit. So what im saying in short is that with the one short-coming of kz2 being an opinioned lack of innovation doesn't justify this review. I too have an opinion and its that this a publicity stunt, a bunch of jack asses looking for hits. The lowest agreeable review would be an 8.25 in my opinion. edge deserves no credibility, they're inconsistant attention whores! I award edge no points and may god have mercy on their souls.

BattleAxe3515d ago

Edge deserves bad press around the internet.

SL1M DADDY3515d ago

"Edge = A Disservice To Game Consumers"

Just sayin'...

prowiew3515d ago

Its their freaking opinion. You can argue or disagree. But calling edge names, and liars; thats irresponsible coming from a respected site psxtreme. I dont think edge needs attention. I remember when everybody was calling gamespot a bias site. To me, they were the most spot on reviewers. Not giving 8 or 9 or 10 to whatever game. Also irresponsible from psxtreme, did they played lets tap? Is a totally different game. They are inferring that if killzone got a 9 or 10, lets tap should be lower than that. Thats responsible journalism? That means no niche game should score more than killzone? A game like braid, flower, flow cant be score more than killzone? Excuse me, but if thats psxtreme way of reviewing a game, count me out.

dachiefsman3515d ago

Free tissues for all the babies. PM me.

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GWAVE3516d ago

Edge has been doing disservices to gamers for a LOOOOOONG time. Anyone who takes their reviews seriously needs their head checked. It's a shame that Edge can propagate their extremely obvious agenda while hiding under the mask of "oh, we're just more CAREFUL with our reviews".

pswi603516d ago

the FACT is that Edge is 25% (or 23 points) away from the average score of this game. The average for KZ2 is 93, Edge's 70 is completely unacceptable.

what if you were 25% less efficient than a co-worker? or you spent 25% more of your companies resources than anyone else? Or you got paid 25% less than someone who does less work than you? Or your prices were 25% more than your competition for the same products?

the FACT is that Edge needs to disappear. There is no reason that out of all the reviews for this game, that someone can honestly "just have an opinion" that is this far out of the norm.

this review is written with venom, and if you read it, you can clearly see the writer is acting like he is going against some cause he cannot possibly stand up to. this is the most pathetic attempt at journalism i have seen, other than that toolbag JonahFalcon over at GameStooge.

CyberCam3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

What is the role of a video game reviewer?

Is it to give gamers your personal opinion of games? What if you not a fan of the genre, then what does that say for your opinion? Couldn't I just get opinions from just about any gamer after the game is release?


Is it to give gamers the honest assessment of the common/standard characteristics of a game & the new attributes it bring to the genre?

Personally, I'd would love for a reviewer to just give me the facts & leave their personal opinion out of the equation! All I need to know is,

*how are the graphics/visuals, below avg, average or above avg
*how is the gameplay, is it intuitive/responsive
*how long is the game, too short, too long or average
*how difficult is the game on the "normal" mode & is the ai chanlleging
*what is the style of gameplay, is it run 'n' gun or tactical in tems of fps's
*how is the sound, is it immersive
*how is the multiplayer, is it hectic fast pace or is it more tactical & forces teamwork etc.

If I can get an honest assessment of these categories, then I as a consumer can make an informed decision to see if the game has value and is worth the purchase.

The problem I believe with reviewers giving personal opinions in gaming reviews, is that no two individuals have the exact same tastes, they may have similar tastes but not exactly the same.

Axe993516d ago

Aye, I've ignored Edge for a long time now, I wouldn't give it a whole lotta cred (at least, not as an objective source of reviews!). While it's got nowhere as much vocal criticism (not entirely surprisingly!), their 2 for LOTR:Conquest is way outta line as well - think 36 percentage points from the average and (as someone who has actually played it - and as a diehard LOTR fan I've found it pleasant and enjoyable, although far from brilliant) absolutely ridiculous in the context of other scores they dole out. They're just not very consistent nor objective, which are serious shortcomings in a team of reviewers!

lonestarmt3515d ago

yeah agree with all above but at the same time we the gamers are partly to blame. Really the fanboys. You have a fan of X console who hates z console who looks at all the reviews and once it sees a low score for an important game on the z console they eat it up and say see I knew that game was overhyped, "epic fail" and crap like that. Or see that gaming site tells the truth. then what happens sometimes is to be more note worthy, or "real" or to get more hits they do something like give killzone 2 a 7 knowing that 360 fanboys will read about how average it is and ps3 fans will read it to try to figure how much off his rocker the reviewer is. Like killzone 2 gets these great reviews from many respected sites and then one stupid review from edge and suddenly bam! its not as good anymore. This tends to happen IMO a lot more with PS3 games. We should just ignore it like this guy said. Make your own decisions. Like me I don't need to read a review for dynasty warriors gundam 2. Yeah I know what it is, and I know its won't get anything higher than a 7, but I don't care I love those games, and thats all that really matters. People should just read reviews and based off what the reviewer said about the game in context with their own tastes. Who gives a crap what the final score is.

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rucky3516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

It's alright, with all the other reviews coming out Edge is making itself look more and more stupid. I'd say fuk'em.

solidjun53516d ago

uff em. They don't change what I already bought (paid for KZ2) and I read the review. It was glowing, especially for the tight controls and gameplay (2 important - if not important- aspect of the game) and dinged the voice and story. That's fair if they dinged it and that's their issue but 3 for only those 2. I say hmmmmm....but in the end, I'm still buying and they won't change my intention at all.

If I happen to play one of the staff members online, then i'll promptly beat him/her continuously until they really hate the game. tee hee. ^_^

Nineball21123516d ago

It's obvious what Edge was trying to do... unfortunately, it worked.

I'm sure they're getting lots of hits.

Sitdown3516d ago

is that this article will just help them get more hits.

This really is it not possible for somebody to feel so different than "popular" opinion. For instances..everybody loved the Dark Knight....but I could care less for it....and me caring less for it does not carry any agenda...neither am I being paid off. Why is it so hard for people to accept that not everybody carries their passion. Likewise...I was not impressed the I saying the game is bad? No, I am just saying that when it comes down to dropping $60..I am not sure the game separated itself enough from what I am already getting from COD4, Halo3, and Gears 2 to make me add it to my collection. I will play the demo a couple more times...and then within a week decided whether or not to cancel my pre-order at amazon.....especially when I know that SF IV will be in heavy rotation. So they gave it a 7...its not the end of the world.

Nineball21123515d ago

I agree with you on two points.

1. Yes, this article "might" very well give Edge even more hits because it's publicity for their review.

2. It's not the end of the world.

DarK-SilV3515d ago

No this article will show the world the stupidity of EDGE

IcarusOne3515d ago

It's awesome that whenever someone has an opinion contrary to what most of you fanboys think, they're wrong, uneducated, never played a videogame before in their life, etc. I'm willing to wager that PSXtreme didn't even read the KZ2 review. If they had, they might have seen past the number score and actually read a review that falls in line with what I'm expecting from this game: fun, not revolutionary.

All of you sound like little 5-year-olds at recess. Grow a pair and grow up. Feb 27th can't get here fast enough - at least then most of you will run out of sh!t to say.

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pimp6143516d ago

They are telling the truth about the quality of the game but you fan boys are just in denial.

Hal Emmerich3516d ago

We fanboys are in denial??


Also this is the only review under 8 so far I believe, so...

itchy183516d ago

We "fanboys" are in denial? wtf man, i just played that godamn demo for like 20 times already!

GWAVE3516d ago

So you pick the lowest review out of 30+ reviews and it's the PS3 "fanboys" that are in denial? Hmmmm...

Jager3516d ago

Ah.... 360 fanboys hugging Edge review as if its the word of Christ lmao.... Ya buddy, ill go with ALL of those other reviews out their... you know, like GameDaily (Chris Buffa DESPISED KZ2, saying it was a 6/10, then 8/10, finally rating it 9/10), Game trailers, Eurogamer...

Jager3516d ago

Actually Gwave, its the lowest out of 131 reviews.

pimp6143516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

"We "fanboys" are in denial? wtf man, i just played that godamn demo for like 20 times already!"

you must be blind or/and retarded. I deleted the demo after one playthrough, nothing is amazing about it. I had hopes though but I guess the game is going to be nothing special, call of duty 4 is alot better on ps3 then killzone 2. Hype is bad for a game.

Nineball21123516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

From the article:

"Let's just say Killzone 2 got a 7...and as a frame of reference, Let's Tap for the Wii got an 8."

So, I'm to believe that "Let's Tap" is a better game than Killzone 2?

'Nuff said.

Also from the article:

"But this is assigning a numerical value to a game that basically says, "it's good, but there are better titles out there for your money." That's right, a lie. Like it or not, opinions exist on a sliding scale, and we're not saying everyone is going to enjoy KZ2, but this review is akin to saying something similar about "The Godfather II" or "Citizen Kane." We all know that Guerilla's title is one of the best FPSs ever made; anyone who knows this industry and has a functioning brain will admit to this. They may not like it, but they will admit to its quality. This is what good reviewers do."

Jager3516d ago

Pimp, you dont even have a PS3. and, let me guide you, you poor lost child.

Open Zone ----> That way.

Jager3516d ago

Pimp, i just went through your 22 amazing comments, from the very begining here, you have been attacking either the PS3, Killzone 2, or anything PS3 related.

pimp6143516d ago

I worship the PS3, what are you talking about?

PS3 is the best system on the planet!

bassturd3516d ago

this guy is a PS3 hater. He was making comments this stupid the other day (I know I already bubbled him down)

Jager3516d ago

"I worship the PS3, what are you talking about?

PS3 is the best system on the planet!"

This is pimps comment at 5.10, putting it here incase he tries to Stealth Edit.

Comment made by Pimp 22 hours ago

"I sold my ps3
after playing this demo, so I don't have it anymore.

" you think we're all stupid or something? "

Yes I do because you think this game is so great but in reality it's not. magazines gaved it a good score because they didn't want to let down ps3 owners since this is suppose to be the first AAA game on PS3.

Adam Sessler's Xplay Quote "ps3 had not games up to killzone" Which is true and another reason I cashed in on my Ps3"

So.... You think the PS3 is the best system in the world... Yet you sold it? And heres another comment just to show that you sir, are a troll, no more, no less.

"yeah you are
there's no private chat on the PS3

psn store updates once a week while xbox live marketplace updates daily

we got alot more content, over 300 demo's.

you guys got about 3 good games the rest are multiplatform

we have over 100 exclusives.

If killzone 2 was so amazing why people are complaining on every website?

get your facts straight, View"

Now then little troll, leave now. Dont bother making a new account, ill spot you a mile away.

itchy183516d ago (Edited 3516d ago )

hahaha. dude! you called me blind or retarded?? maybe you are the blind one! and never in my entire life someone called me retarded you fcking retard! cod4 is a good game. but i stopped playing it because im getting bored with it. the gameplay is just the same nothing new. I want something new, and that is Killzone 2. now give me your psn id. let's see how good you are in Cod4, you fckn retard.

edit: i don't care about this review!

iHEARTboobs3516d ago

You're such a clown. Stop pretending like you have a PS3. It's not cool anymore. But in all honesty, try playing it you might enjoy it.

Rythrine3516d ago

So all those 100+ reviews were all lies and this one is the truth huh? Come back when you have something a little smarter than that to say. Besides your cover was pretty much blown thanks to Jager so you're not convincing anybody here.

JHUX3516d ago

Well Pimp confirms to me that 360 fanboys are indeed brainwashed... wow rofl. I already had my suspicions with POG/Whydis, and then after reading that hahah.

Ju3516d ago

@pimp. Reading thru your comments really has some entertainment value. But in all honesty, I am wondering if you get payed to say all that crap.

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