Prince of Persia shadows Assassin's Creed

After the Prince saved his Kingdom from the ravages of the Sands of Time across last generation's Prince of Persia trilogy, many thought that the character and the action adventure series had finally been to rest, with Assassins Creed inheriting the mantle of Ubisoft's platformer of choice for the new generation of consoles.

But Ubisoft has decided two pairs of legs are better than one and has announced development of a all-new Prince of Persia title for the Xbox 360; and while details are extremely thin on the ground artwork that has been released to coincide with the announcement indicates that this is a fresh approach to the series, building the mythology of the Prince and his battle with the Sands of Time from the ground up.

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Arkham4302d ago (Edited 4302d ago )

Ahhh! Nextgen PoP. Looking forward to this one. I really got a kick out of the first one.

Toolman4302d ago

The first PoP was a great game. They almost ruined the series with the second one, but manged to get it back on track with the third.

I think assasions creed will put PoP to shame, but i will keep an eye on this one, because of my love for the PoP sands of time

techie4302d ago

I think the 2nd one was different...but the storyline and length of game was spot on. And the platforming was even better.