Portable Gamer: Time Crisis Strike (iPhone Review)

The Portable Gamer writes:

"The App store is buried under acres of shovelware, gasping for a breath of fresh air, lest it be entombed in the same soil as the Nintendo Wii. If the iPhone platform is ever to be a viable contender with other dedicated handhelds like the DS or PSP, it needs to cultivate top-tier titles that are more than just the current throw-away experiences; the App store needs a standout hardcore game.

Time Crisis Strike just isn't it."

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bgrundman3232d ago

This looks like a Silent Scope clone of some sort. Than could be really fun on the iPhone.

CrAppleton3232d ago

Yeah.. Sounds like it could be a fun app for those slow times at work.. heh

bgrundman3232d ago

At least the times when you don't want to work :)

roblef3232d ago

I was pretty impressed with the reviewer's admission that this game PWNED him.

CrAppleton3232d ago

LOL.. very much so.. that's a tough call to make in a review..

CrAppleton3232d ago

There are so many good games on the iPhone.. I just can't bring myself to spend the money on that damn phone..

solidt123232d ago

There is talks of the iphone coming to Verizon some time this year since the contract with AT&T didn't get renewed.

roblef3232d ago

Get an iTouch. Price is similar, but no fees per month for data and such. It's a great deal. and a great iPod.