Blizzard's Metzen and Neilson Interviewed by interviewed Blizzard Entertainment's Senior Vice President of Creative Development Chris Metzen and Senior Writer/Voice Director Micky Neilson at the 2009 New York Comic Con. They were interviewed at the Simon & Schuster booth to discuss details of previous and upcoming pocket star books based on the StarCraft and World of Warcraft universes, and to find out how deep the plots will tie-in into the games' storylines.

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Medievaldragon3512d ago

I'm so thrilled with this video interview. They talked about the Nightmare in the Emerald Dream (World of Warcraft: Stormrage), Sargeras, Cho'gall, and one of the most controversial topics was the new ... aspect of magic.

SCFreelancer3512d ago

What do you mean by "new aspects of magic"? How are they controversial?

Leord3512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Cho'Gall alive ?! WTF!

If they were not burned, with their soul turned to a Thousand pieces, spread across the universe, and then devoured, they are not dead

Medievaldragon3512d ago

If you watch the video, when I ask who the new Aspect of Magic is now that Malygos is dead -- he didn't answer with words. He gestured by pointing with his lips toward -- coughs -- the new aspect of magic (the poster behind us).

Now that's controversial as heck. The new aspect of magic is not a dragon.

thetamer3512d ago

Cool. I think we should beat Metzen up. Has he got an eye condition, or is he just neo?

Dorjan3512d ago

I just hope they don't get the lore wrong for Starcraft and before people say "they can't get wrong something they create" they can, and most other companies would.

SCFreelancer3512d ago

Yea like the spaceships in World of Warcraft! So please no Orcs in Starcraft 2 ;)

AndyA3512d ago

Well, yeah. George Lucas managed it.

Leord3512d ago

Well, Metzen is by far my favourite guy over at Blizzard since Ben Shroeder left =)

Well, I suppose Metzen is more "god-like" in terms of nerds though, not many know of Ben. Either way, nice interview. Loading sloooow... =P I hate my internet.

SCFreelancer3512d ago

Did they happen to say anything on Starcraft or Diablo?

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