The Save Points Review: My World My Way

TSP writes: "You control Elise, a princess from a random kingdom. The princess just randomly threw a party(to show off a dress probably), and during that party she meets a "hot guy" who just happens to be an adventurer, and she instantly falls in love with him. He mocks her because she's just a princess and she never really saw the world beyond the castle walls. So after pouting all night long she decides to go out on an adventure of her own. During her adventure, she is stealthily followed by one of her dad's warriors who leaves quests and obstacles for her to surpass. She gets through most of those by pouting to get things her way.

That's it really. She meets the adventurer a few times, and each time she goes on another adventure to prove her worth. Really not a great story, but it doesn't really matter. The game doesn't take itself seriously at all constantly breaking the fourth wall ("How do I open that gate? Oh right, I have to press the A button!") and talking about how she fights monsters to get their experience points. The princess is a kinda fun character, it's almost like she knows she's in a game and just whines to get her way all the time, whether it be quests, areas, monsters, experience points. Whatever. It's simplistic and entertaining enough."

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