The Save Points Review: Star Ocean: The Second Evolution

TSP writes: "The story starts off in a space ship which is going to explore a planet. On that planet, Claude C. Kenny find some… thing… and disappears, seemingly to another planet. On that planet, after meeting Rena, a girl with strange healing powers. When he first meets her, he uses a laser gun, which she mistakes for a "Sword of Light". That leads people to think Claude is a Hero. So after clearing that misunderstanding up, he is asked to investigate the Sorcery Globe. A meteor that landed on the planet and "generated" monsters and such.

That's the basics. It goes a lot deeper than that though. Some weird secrets to do with the Sorcery Globe, intergalactic warfare with multiple alien races, Claude and Rena's role in all this… Overall, a deep and interesting story with some really nice moments. The characters aren't too bad, though characters other than Claude and Rena aren't really interesting(they basically do nothing after their own little "story arc", other than some commentary at parts."

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