Gadget Republic Review: EndWar

GR writes: "This should be a game for armchair strategists, but I find myself playing it on my feet all the time.

As a firm follower of the Tom Clancy franchise of video games from Ghost Recon to Rainbow Six and Splinter Cell, I was morbidly curious when I heard there was going to be a real-time strategy-based addition to the franchise.

Curiosity went into overdrive when I learned the entire game could be controlled by voice. This is an entirely new dimension to gaming and one I was determined to try.

Endwar was created by Ubisoft's Shanghai studio, and the imagination and scale of creation that has gone into the game is nothing short of vast.

The game, which I played on the Xbox 360, is set in the aftermath of a nuclear attack in Saudi Arabia in 2016 which has killed six million people, and the new world order consists primarily of the US, Russia and European blocks."

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