Microsoft: Not Sacrificing Original IP's

Microsoft has no intention of sacrificing its "focus on exciting IP" and will continue to invest in innovation in order to emerge from any ongoing recession in a "healthy" state.

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Sasanova3594d ago

did i just read innovation?

GWAVE3594d ago

Yup. I had a bit of a laugh, too.

Kinda hard to innovate and "focus on exciting IPs" when your dev teams are dropping like flies.

kevoncox3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

MS has done more for innovation in consoles than sony ever has.
I don't get it. Why are you guys so critical of MS. All they want to do is take your money and give you good games to play in exchange. Why hate them so much?

BTW R&C 17 was just announced.

ultimolu3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

...I got lightheaded reading that. o_o

And kevonkox...are you bloody serious?

So what the hell did Sony do, sit on their hands for two generations going on three?

And I wonder why people are so damn critical of Sony as well? Don't you wonder the same thing?

GWAVE3594d ago

kevincox, you are ignorant if you believe "innovation" and "Microsoft" belong in the same sentence. Keep in mind that 95% of the games that Microsoft has supposedly given unto us lowly gamers were from 3rd parties or 1st parties that were purchased by Microsoft. Very few of the games on the Xbox and Xbox 360 came from Microsoft's brilliant think tank of innovation.

To Microsoft, the word "innovation" means "buy something that's already innovative".

Hal Emmerich3594d ago

MS do innovate just look at Lips, NXE, You're in the movies and Kodu.

Oh wait...

King-Nax3594d ago

The only thing MS has done that is innovative is Xbox Live IMO.

Microsoft is a company that heavily relies on past Playstation brand association to succeed in the business and where it almost becomes that they dont really have their own identity.

What is so innovative about that?

One more question.....

Who has created more original IPs? Sony or MS?

The person who answers correctly gets a cookie.

StayHigh3594d ago

yup only xboxlive but thats it..what games?? i dont see any new ips this year made by their

Foxgod3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

New exclusives for 360.
Race pro
Ninja blade
alan wake
velvet assassin
dungeon hero
dead island
white gold

Now i have no idea how many of these games will score higher then 9 out of 10
I do know that your statement of the 360 not having any new ip;s, is a load of butt crock.

Now how many new ips does sony have coming.
Because killzone 2 and uncharted 2 are both sequels.
And dont even mention PSN games, cause i didnt mention those for the 360 myself either.

Harry1903594d ago

but since when has Saboteur ever been a new IP?

You just listed 3rd party IPs which are not being developed on the PS3 due to lack of resources.

Do you want me to list all the new IPs developed by EA, Activision and the rest here that will be available on PS3 too?

No? Well, point made.

Talk first party or 2nd and don't give false info.

GWAVE3594d ago

@ Foxgod

Let's take a look at your list:

Race pro - a racing game? Oooh, innovative. Published by Atari, so exclusivity is not guaranteed.
Ninja blade - a Ninja Gaiden clone? Oooh, innovative!
Venetica - 3rd-person RPG? Ohh, innovative!
huxley - an online FPS with an unannounced release date?
alan wake - Release date when?
velvet assassin - Release date when? Exclusive says who?
dungeon hero - ???
saboteur - published by EA...hah. You think this is exclusive?
section8 - Exclusive says who?
apb - ???
dead island - PS3 version already announced
white gold - ???

As you can see, Foxgod, your list falls apart quite easily. Valiant attempt, though.

king dong3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

where did all of sonys studios come from? did they buy existing studios making them first paty? or did they put job adds in local and national papers around the world advertising for people in order to create studios??

get a clue ey!

a question for you, how many studios did sony own when they launched the ps1? and how many when they launched the ps2?

Foxgod3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Those games are all xbox exclusive, because no other platform besides the 360 has been announced, so until its announced for the ps3, you have no ground to hold, whether it be EA, Sony or whoever else will be publishing it.

And second, where not talking about AAA games here, where talking exclusives, Innovative product usually means a new series, not something entirely new as in a new genre (that happens how often ?), and if that do is the case to you, then Sony got nothing either.

ActionBastard3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Ok. Let's take your list and clean it up a bit...

Race pro
Ninja blade
huxley - on PC
alan wake - on PC
velvet assassin - on PC
dungeon hero - on PC and PS3
saboteur - on PC and PS3
section8 - on PC and PS3
apb - on PC
dead island - on PC
white gold - on PC

EDIT: Ah, but it does matter. That means you don't need a 360 to play them. And since they'll probably also be GFW titles, you can use a 360 controller to play them.

Side note: Section8 wasn't officially canceled, it just won't appear this year. The info was next to my rock I crawled from under.

Foxgod3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

It does not matter if its on PC, we are talking consoles here, besides, i have a pc powerful enough to play them, but i prever to play them on my 360, better controls.

And the section8 ps3 version has been dropped.
If you wouldnt be living under a rock you would know that.

GWAVE3594d ago

@ King Dong

Your comment is true. The PS1 only had a few 1st-party and 2nd-party exclusives to call its own. However, it had a TON of 3rd-party exclusives.

Your comparison doesn't match up for two reasons. First, the Xbox 360 isn't Microsoft's PS1. It's not their first console nor is it their first foray into the gaming world. The 360 is Microsoft's PS2, or even PS3 or PS4 if you count the many years of PC gaming Microsoft has been involved in. Second, the 360 does not have a ton of 3rd-party exclusives coming up. They don't. It may be hard for some fanboys to accept, but Microsoft's exclusive list is looking quite slim.

Sarcasm3594d ago

"will continue to invest in innovation in order to emerge from any ongoing recession in a "healthy" state."

OOooOohh niceee!

That means we get exclusive RE5 DLC!
Exclusive Bioshock 2 DLC!
Exclusive FFXIII DLC!

And maybe they'll finally strike a deal to get MGS4 on the 360!

That's what they mean by investing in innovation. Since they hardly have any studios left.

king dong3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

the ps1 and ps2 had a ton of 3rd party exclu because it had little or no competition.

neither sony or ms have a ton of 3rd party exclu because the competition is healthy this time. microsoft have tried to make the 360 and pc mutually beneficial. i.e: plenty of games exclu to both systems and not sonys, yet all the fanboys like you condemn them for it and say "it's not exclusive"(said in squeaky teenage voice).

but whats the point of trying to explain on here? n4g fanboys only see what they want to see!

edit: all the pathetic fanboys disagreeing with my first comment. did sony make all these first party studios out of thin air?? did they?


NickIni3594d ago

Aww. So cute. When backed into a corner, the "your all pathetic" card is played. Now that IS innovation.

Sitdown3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

making hard drives standard was innovative for consoles.....sort of thought the guide button was game music seems a little innovative....not sure who started it, but turning my console off from the controller was pretty innovative...lights on the unit and controller seemed pretty innovative to let you know what player you are.

"i dont see any new ips this year made by their"

Now I could be the only one...but personally, I could care less if a title is 1st, 2nd, or 3rd long as it quality. I do believe that part of Dreamcast's downfal was lack of third party support. As somebody mentioned, what is these overwhelming original ips coming the ps3s way?

I agree completely....but change "mute" to "moot" to give fanboys less stuff to complain about on a well written article.

JokesOnYou3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

First owning MORE studio's does not equal MORE games for said company and furthermore it sure as hell doesn't equal better quality games since many 3rd party studio's are just as talented or argueably more talented than some 1st party studios.

Second Micro already stated back when they let Bungie go independent that their strategy was one of focusing less on "owning" studio's and more so on looking for talent and bringing great IP's to their platform, so its a difference in philosophy; The con's of ownership involves maintain a large overhead budget neccessary to support many dev studios continous work and of course salaries, obviously the pro's of course is that they only make games for your platform; The pro's of micro strategy is obviously with less studio's you reduce overhead cost's drastically, money which you can then use to buy only those specific games/new IP's you want from devs, those savings also lead to more funds for advertising, dlc etc. Now sure "gamers" on n4g can all discuss which is a better strategy but only time will tell if it which was more fruitful.

3rd WHY would I as a gamer care HOW a particular exclusive ended up on my console, I happen to own both but for the guy who only has one, does it really matter if a game he loves is 1st or 3rd party as long as he gets to enjoy it on his console? Basicly its a mute point as long as micro continues to "buy" great games and "pay" for innovation wherever they find it, why should I care. Just keep delivering and the 360 owners will do fine.

4th There have been and there are plenty of variety of games coming to 360, what games with release dates are available for ps3 in 2009? 360 gamers have plenty games coming this year and I'm sure they'll be some surprises, they both have some good things ahead, this just sounds like sony loyalists beating their chests with wild claims and predictions as usual.


king dong3594d ago

please enlighten me. if i'm backed into a corner, and my argument was flawed, can you show me where i went wrong?

many thanks.

Argento-Nox3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )


I don't see a single title in your list that's considerably innovative. You ask for Sony new IP's, yet your list doesn't have any new MS IP's of note other that Alan Wake.

Sony's got:

1. WKC (Level 5, Sony IP)
2. Quantum Theory (Tecmo)
3. EYEpet (innovative looking Sony title)
4. EYEdentity (another innovative looking Sony title)
5. Demon Soul (From Software)
6. Uncharted waters (Koei)
7. War Devil's (Sony)
8. Afika (Innovative Sony title)
9. Free Realm (SOE)
10. The Agency (SOE - innovative concept IMO)
11. MAG (Sony - 256 players online seems pretty epic/innovative)
12. Infamous (Sucker punch, Sony IP - still more innovative than what you mentioned)
13. Heavy Rain (Innovative Sony title)
14. DC Universe
15. Team Ico project (Sony - this being from the guys who did Ico and Shadow of the Colossus guarantees this will be innovative in some way)

Did you notice that 11 of those 15 are Sony IP's? Where are the MS titles to match that number? Considering MS only has 3-5 studios, any innovative title will probably be 3rd party or multi-platform.

If your looking at exclusive sequels, there's:

16. Yakuza 3 (Sega)
17. GoW III (Sony)
18. Killzone 2 (Sony)
19. Rachet and Clank (Sony)
20. Uncharted 2 (Sony)
21. GT5 (Sony)
22. Socom confrontation (Sony)
23. MGS4 (Konami)
24. Untold Legends (Sony)
25. Formula One Racing (Sony's forgotten racing game)
26. Genji (Sony)
27. Sing star Abba edition (Sony)
28. MLB The Show 07 (Sony)
29. MLB The Show 08 (guess it's obvious 09 is coming)
30. NBA 07 (Sony)
31. NBA 08 (Sony)
32. NBA '09 The Inside (Sony)

Look at the new Sony IP's introduced this gen already or will soon:
1) War Hawk
2) Heavenly Sword
3) Resistance
4) WKC
5) Infamous
6) Uncharted
7) Heavy Rain
8) The Agency
9) War Devils
10) MAG
11) Afrika
12) EYEpet
13) EYEdentity
14) Team Ico project
15) Free Realm
16) Folklore
17) Little Big Planet
18) Motorstorm
19) Lair (yes I know it sucks, but it is a new Sony IP)
20) Eye of Judgement

Did you notice 20 new Sony IP's?
How much new MS IP's are ones made by MS owned studios?

Console exclusives don't mean much to me if it can be played on PC, either. There's no more exclusivty on Dead Rising, Bioshock, and I'd really doubt SO4 and ME2 will both stay 360 exclusives either. If not for 3rd party exclusives, 360 wouldn't have enough from their own measly studios to match all of Sony's studios.

JokesOnYou3594d ago

In my defense I would like to say that I typed that in like 2 min at work in between taking customers...ssshhh dont tell my boss.

Now on topic, I would like to add that micro has in fact been innovative within the gaming industry whether folks on n4g want to recognize it or not. Micro really brought the focus of online gaming to consoles, I don't think gaming would be where it is now without micro, am I saying they deserve all the credit, NO but I doubt sony would be trying to push psn further without micro having such a strong service they have with Live. Also, whats wrong with "buying" talent to get dev's to make a exclusive new IP or "paying" them to make a once exclusive franchise multiplatform vs. buying the studio and making them first party? it so much different? Basicly its just a difference in concept, do you want to save money up front and shop around for quality stuff or do you want to pay up front but have a large pool of talent you already invested in. Me I don't care how they do it, I just play the damm games.


ThanatosDMC3594d ago


"we're talking about console exclusivity here" <--- HHAHAHHAHAH...


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omodis4203594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

That would be correct. It's about time. I guess that means more new IP's using the Unreal Engine.

MURKERR3594d ago

you closed one of your last studios (esemble) as soon as halo wars was completed, how can you make new IP's without game studios? im not sure whos left other than 'rare'

TheHater3594d ago

third party studios perhaps?

ActionBastard3594d ago

Turn 10 and Lionhead are left along with Rare. I hope their pockets as as deep they were in 06 because it's going to get harder and more expensive to convince a 3rd party to go exclusive.

solidt123594d ago

What will Microsoft do when third parties will no longer make exclusives for them because that day will come. There is starting to bee too much money to make for them to go exclusive. Or MS will have to pay alot more which is not smart.

StayHigh3594d ago

you mean paying some third parties for DLC for xbox360 like anyone going to wait a half a year or more for it..

Danja3594d ago

A Fat Check >>> buy an occasionally PS exclusive >> equals innovation

Check >>> DLC >> Innovation , thats what they really meant

NegativeCreepWA3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

You spend enough time on this site to know MS is splitting esemble into two companies.

ps3sux3594d ago

the way sony's pockets turned third party devs into their first part devs....thought so. ps3 fanboys on this site are pathetic. ps1, and ps2 had sh1t for first party "exclusives" again i ask isnt this microsofts second console??? thought so. why dont you guys do something other than spamming n4g with your BS and false rhetoric.

same ones everyday too.

action bastard
morgan fell
pirate thom
nathan drake
opomus 420
and the rest will be here soon im sure of it. the ones i listed that arent yet are prolly logging on now.

go concentrate more on sony at the moment, incase you havent heard ps3 isnt doing so well this gen.

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Roper3163594d ago

LOL @ MS innovating!!!! Is that what you call wasting millions on DLC for multiplat games instead of building a stable of 1st party devs that might actually be able to innovate?

AngryHippo3594d ago

....PS3 fans care more about what Microsoft says than 360 supporters do. Microsofts supposed 'lack of' exclusives seems to really bother some people but not really 360 owners. Quite funny that.

GWAVE3594d ago

I'm a 360 owner and I'm quite bothered by the lack of exclusives, not to mention the lack of 1st-party support.

Oh, but why should I bother? It's so easy for people to write off ANY anti-Microsoft sentiment as some "stupid Sony fanboy rant" instead of thinking critically and coming up with your own conclusion.

ActionBastard3594d ago

I own a 360 and am concerned. What exclusives are there to look forward to? Really?

Foxgod3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

@action bastard.

I am personally looking forward to the following:
alan wake
dead island
white gold
Splinter cell conviction
Halo wars
Halo odst
blue dragon 2
cletus clay
star ocean 4

Maybe some of those titles are fun for you too, look them up.

AngryHippo3594d ago

....right you own a 360 and a PS3, and so do I. You on the other hand judging by your comment history have a preference to the PS3. That is fine, I fully understand people having favourite systems and whatever. So tell me again, 'I'm a 360 owner and I'm quite bothered by the lack of exclusives, not to mention the lack of 1st-party support.' Why are you bothered again? Since your preference is with the PS3 doesn't that allow you more time on it? Does the so called lack of exclusives for the 360 not allow for more money to be spent on your preferred system?! I still do not understand your point exactly.

@ ActionBastard ....'I own a 360 and am concerned. What exclusives are there to look forward to? Really?' Do you not think it would be a good idea to wait until GDC and E3 and then getting worried about Microsofts so called lack of exclusives?! We are 2 months into the year?!

Its all well and good saying Microsoft has no exclusives, but how the hell does anyone know that? Does anyone here work for them?! Didn't think so, we are two months into the year with all the major game conventions coming up and people for some reason are jumping to the conclusion that Microsoft have nothing planned. When will people learn not to jump to conclusions and just be patient and wait for official announcements at official events.

NickIni3594d ago

"Why are you bothered again? Since your preference is with the PS3 doesn't that allow you more time on it? Does the so called lack of exclusives for the 360 not allow for more money to be spent on your preferred system?! I still do not understand your point exactly."

Riiight. So because he favours a particular system, he's not allowed to hope/look/purchase exclusives/games for another console? What's the point in even having multiple consoles, because your not 'allowed' to buy games for more than one.

ps3sux3594d ago

AMEN and bubbles dude. sony fans scream that they have better games, but when the hell do they play them....i see the same ones day in day out on here, and on every microsoft article. good post hippo. to the omodis420 idiot you shouldnt be allowed to contribute anymore, because the only things you contribute are flamebait nonsense anyways, since you know ya sony fanclub will be all over it.


ActionBastard3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

@ Hippo
You say that like GDC and E3 last year were mind blowing for Microsoft. Multiplatform games, a sprinkling of 1st party exclusives and even larger casual push, that sums up both GDC AND E3. What am I looking forward to? Nothing! That's the point of my comments. Hell, I can list Wii games I'M looking forward to, but you're right. It's only 2 months into the year and I should wait for them to announce games I can play on PS3 or PC too.

DelbertGrady3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Judging by your comment history you don't even know the name of your gamertag, which is very odd for a 360 owner.

This thread is really amusing. Completely owned.

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