Family Friendly Gaming Review: Elebits The Adventures of Kai and Zero

FFG writes: "Elebits on the Wii was received really well here at Family Friendly Gaming. A continuation of the story on the Nintendo DS piqued our curiosity, and I got to review this hand held action adventure title. Kai and Zero run across a bus that has a secret and they find themselves on another world. Kai has to collect Elebits, and Omegas (like Zero) to try and find a way back home. Early on Kai is concerned that his parents will get worried since he has gone missing. Children should think of ways to honor their parents and this lesson stuck out with me. The touch screen of the Nintendo DS is used to tap Elebits (which freezes them for a short time), and then tap the Omega out at the time. Each Omega has a different power that can be used to progress through certain areas."

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