Family Friendly Gaming Review: Wonder World Amusement Park

FFG writes: "Wonder World Amusement Park is all about the fun experience of going to a carnival. Throwing darts at balloons, shooting hoops, and earning tickets. The more you play a specific game the more special items you earn. On top of that there are tickets earned for how a game is played. Those tickets are used to purchase additional games, and worlds.

The graphics in Wonder World Amusement Park are surprisingly dark. The majority of the images are safe for the entire family with a few exceptions. There is a Halloween style world that will bother some. The pirates, and aliens worlds are also present, but do not have the spiritual connections the ghosts and ghouls do. Whack a mole kind of levels are present, and there is also a bumper cars mini game included. With all of that said there are plenty of safe mini games to play. The details of the graphics are not the best in this Nintendo DS game. "

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