Sony: What's Important About 'Uncharted 2'

MTV Multiplayer: It's all about… emotional connection, the producer of an upcoming Sony blockbuster said in answer to a question that used to stress him out.

"There's a part where Drake has to snap to cover," Sam Thompson, producer for "Uncharted 2: Among Thieves," started telling me during a morning demo of the game last week in New York City. "The bullets are flying, and he's outgunned. Out-manned. You can see the sweat on his face." As Thompson was saying this the PS3 he was next to idled, "Uncharted 2" was paused, because this thing he was telling me was crucial.

Thompson was interrupting his own demo to tell me the answer to a question I hadn't yet asked but he knew I would: Why should people care about this game?

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Nineball21123569d ago

"But Drake, at heart, is supposed to be … just a guy, a grumbling, muttering, flirtatious guy caught in extraordinary circumstances under extraordinary pressure. That makes him different from many game heroes. That enables the connection."

Uncharted is one of the best games I've played... and Uncharted 2 will be a day one purchase for me.

I'm already sold... they don't have to tell me why it matters. :-)

Keowrath3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Exactly, the reason why Uncharted2 matters to me is because of the first one.

The first was incredible and if the second one is better... Wow.

ultimolu3569d ago

Even the AI had me cussing like a sailor at times, it was a really amazing game. Uncharted 2 is one of my most anticipated games this year.

Megaton3569d ago

The first one is great. Definitely one of the top 3 new IP's of this console generation in my book.

callahan093569d ago

I agree with all this. Uncharted was beautiful, charismatic, and fun to play. Loved that game. Uncharted 2 looks loads better, will be just as fun, and seems (from the trailer) to have just as much of a sense of humor. Should be brilliant.

I just wish that this guy had talked about the graphics. Does it really look like (in gameplay) the screens we've seen, the teasers we've seen? I must see gameplay footage of this game! If it's good enough for the press to see (you know, the guy's who have the power to tell everyone in the world that it's awesome or that it sucks), then why not let those truly anticipating the game see it too!

Bubble Buddy3569d ago

I love the first Uncharted because of its gameplay and story. Man 'Crushing' difficulty was almost impossible. I had to use cheap tactics on some parts to beat it. It literally took me about 40 tries to beat the part where you're in the castle and in the water with guys coming everywhere :/. But 100% was rewarding :)

JoySticksFTW3569d ago (Edited 3569d ago )

Uncharted is my third favorite game of all time. No Joke.

For me, the only games to beat it are FFVI (It's all about the great story, heroes like Locke, Cyan, Edgar, & Shadow, and of course Kefka) coming in second, and MGS3 & 4 as 1 and 1A.


It's all about the story and gameplay for me :)

xTruthx3569d ago

This game going 2 be hot :D!

likedamaster3568d ago

I'm liking the colors in this game.

pain777pas3568d ago

He seems so common man that its refreshing.

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George Sears3569d ago

For a normal dude Drake is one c0cky sob.

crillyconlig3569d ago

he seemed humble and scared alot

rucky3569d ago

I think you're confusing the word 'c0ckiness' with his sarcastic wit.

cmrbe3569d ago

Drake is your everyday kinda guy. He is not brash or irresponsible. He does have some fairly high moral standards and not your typical anti-hero that is prevelent now days in gaming.

He is smart and sarcastic. I don't get why people say he is a ladies man because the truth is, he is not like that at all. He dosen't try to be one at least.

Amy said they will show a different side of Nate in U2. I hope they explain how Nate became so good at dispatching people because that was the only unrealistic part of the Uncharted 1.

ThanatosDMC3568d ago

*Coming out of the submarine in Uncharted 1*

"Yeah, i know who you are... asshole."

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games4fun3569d ago

drake is way better than an average guy a better description would be an average game world guy, he has no special moves and takes cover to save himself, and he makes some wise cracks during the game.

The only reason this everyday man line works is because most games over characterize the main character.

likedamaster3568d ago

Careful, some might take it the wrong way.

Beg For Mercy3569d ago

cannot wait to get my hands on this game just to see the graphics in action, cause the gameplay matches the beauty of the game 100%

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