Chrono Trigger DS fails to reach UK Top 40

Chrono Trigger is a game that the people of Europe have been waiting to play for a long, long time. 14 years after it's original English language release over in the states, European RPG fans finally have a chance to play the classic on the Nintendo DS - but they haven't taken to the game as well as one might think.

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R_19933567d ago

I bought my copy last saturday. I'm guessing the people that want it have already imported it.

Hal Emmerich3567d ago

I live in the UK and I don't know one person who knows what Chrono Trigger is, also most DS owners are casual gamers(sorry if you own a DS and are not casual) and wouldn't have a clue what the game was or that it had even been released. (It won't have been advertised)

AP3567d ago

It's had TV ads, lots of print ads, and a full-page review in The Sun on Saturday, the day after it came out, so it has been promoted.

jadenkorri3567d ago

i bet, if released it on psp, would do so well, better yet release it on psn, so i can play on my ps3 or psp... DS users are mostly kids, (no offense to hardcore ds players), but the ds is mostly meant for kids, and casual palyers also, the people who played Chrono Trigger on the SNES all have ps3/psp/360s and are grown ups, so it would be better suited for thsoe consoles rather than the ds, yes i understand reaching to a broader group, but a classic is a classic, which i love to play...

pixelskies3567d ago

In Preston, UK, nowhere has it in stock. In Game they are on shelves with "coming soon" stickers (meaning out of stock) and in GameStation it says "back in stock soon" on the boxes. Maybe it was undersupplied.

Menchi3567d ago

I would of bought it, if it had come out on PSP, with a bit more work done on the actual remake part.

High rez sprites wouldn't have been too difficult to do, and judging from FF1&2 remake for PSP, they could have pulled them off well.

But ehh, releasing an almost straight port, 14 years later, for a £100 handheld is a bit... meh.

Area_513567d ago

come on uk pick this master piece up!!

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