What Does Your Xbox Live Name Mean ?

An article hosted by goes in depth as to what Xbox Live account names actually mean. They go as far as to hint they could be geared towards Sexual deviant, attention whore or just plain sociopath. Read the article and discover what your Xbox Live name says about you.

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FordGTGuy4308d ago

:( am I? GT: Bazooka XP

Sphinx4308d ago

"UnmaskedHero"? Wait, no, I'm trying to fit in with other superheroes who neglect to wear masks. Yeah, that's it.

THAMMER14308d ago

When I was a kid I was almost indestructible. I would bump my head or fall from a high place and keep trucking with out crying. The only evidence that I had got into some thing would be the knots on my head. So my Grad Dad started calling me T HAMMER. The #1 is because I’m very competitive.

It would be WILLISBOY614 but I left that life alone.

DC RID3R4307d ago

gotta laugh bro, I don't think i've witnessed a more aggressive person on live, and look at me nucca!!!!

BoneMagnus4308d ago

My last name is "Bonafide"(yes, truly) and my friends called me "Bone" and "Magnus" comes from Magnus Samuelson and Magnus Magnussen - two "Worlds Strongest Men" greats. Also, I like Magnus because of the Magi implication...

I wanted to name my son Magnus, but my wife said "no" - but when we get a huge male German Shepherd - Magnus it will be!

Captain Tuttle4308d ago

Mine translates into "I suck at most games and usually end up at the bottom of the rankings"

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The story is too old to be commented.