Game Focus: Interpol - The Trail of Dr. Chaos Review

Interpol: The Trail of Dr. Chaos will likely only be enjoyed by a very select few, and even they will likely have a hard time swallowing the price tag here. While finding every object in the game can be slightly addictive, there just isn't enough here to warrant a look if you're not a huge fan of the hidden object genre.

+ On and Offline multiplayer can be fun.
+ Ambient music is nicely implemented during searches.
+ Can be mildly addictive to find all the objects in time.

- Seriously ugly photos that make it difficult to find what you're searching for.
- Magnifying the image just makes it uglier.
- 800 points is far too much to ask for what pans out to be 3 hours of repetitive, boring gameplay.
- Random items nullify the story completely.

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