20° A Few Things We Hope To Find Out About God Of War III This Week "Sony are having a big press event for God Of War III this week. On Friday all the information from said event will spill out onto the Internet. These are just a few things we'd like to find out about the game:

New gameplay videos/previews. We got a sure preview of God Of War III late last year at the VGA's. While some were moderately underwhelmed we were somewhat satisfied. Kratos looked great and the gameplay distinctively similar. The saddest part about the trailer for us was that it ended after approximately 20 short seconds. We're ready for more now. We're also assuming the press are going to get their hands on the game so we're awaiting their impressions with bated breath.

God Of War II in HD? One of the biggest worries in the back of a majority of gamers heads is diversity. Will God Of War III essentially be it's predecessors in shiney graphics. While we're not entirely sure a HD remix of the mythological franchise would be a bad thing we hope Santa Monica have plenty of new improvements and gameplay variations to tantalise us with. All while keeping the core God Of War experience close to heart of course.

The "Jaffe" trailer/level. Ex-God Of War producer David Jaffe has been very vocal about God Of War III. Very vocal. We quote: "I ain't no fan boy but this mother f***ing game looks like nothing you've ever played…and you can hold me to that when this thing hits and when they start showing gameplay footage." Following the release of the VGA trailer many called out Jaffe's claims at which point he defended his claim arguing Santa Monica had shown him something else. We want to see

Story/plot details. Pretty straightforward this. We want a little more context to the game and which characters, weapons and environments we can expect to encounter in the game.

Rough release date. We're aware games can slip down the release calendar and that pretty much all release dates should be treated with scepticism but we'd still like a rough timeframe for this game. March 2010 or Fall '09. Hopefully Sony will let us know.

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Dom63903599d ago

I really hope they announce an online element, be it co-op or survival modes i just hope they add something to give it replay value

get2sammyb3599d ago

If they do, I hope it stays seperate to the main games story. Something like an "arena" mode would be fairly cool, where the enemies keep coming and you work as a team to take them out. I'd go for something like that.

I don't like the idea of them shoehorning another character into the single player mode to meet the desires of this years reviewing buzz word.

Beast_Master3599d ago

Why do people want to change up the gameplay so bad? I will take GoW2 HD if it comes to that. Better that than have a bunch of new mechanics that turn people off. Just give me Kratos in HD with Fire chaos blades and a bunch mythical figures to destroy and we are good. As much as people are whinning about sequels, I hope they don't make this the last chapter.

resistance1003599d ago

I'm not fussed about multiplayer, i can't see how an online mode will work and a Co-op mode will destroy the God Of War experience in my opinion.

MGOelite3599d ago

wow sony best make sure it has co op in its game, you know becasue recently it is now law that any game what doesnt have co op is instantly crap and deserves a 7/10, sony best give it co op or a certain review is going to rail into it/

ToastyMcNibbles3599d ago

NO CO-OP NO MULTIPLAYER PLEASE! just give me the most epic god of war single player experience ever! leave all that multiplayer stuff for the shooters

get2sammyb3599d ago

To some degree I agree. But I don't believe Santa Monica will be up for compromising the essence of God Of War for a buzzword.