One new screen from Uncharted 2

A new screen from Uncharted 2 popped up on the internet.

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Kingsora3392d ago

Nathan with such a beard just isn't Nathan IMO :(

trpride3392d ago

Maybe he'll shave it off during the game

DelbertGrady3392d ago

Is it gay in here or is it just me? I don't care about fondling Nathans beard, so to me the game looks just spectacular.

Panthers3392d ago

The beard is a good touch. Man him up a little.

mabreu3392d ago (Edited 3392d ago )


Uncharted rocks! Naughty Dog's game engine really uses a lot of the power the ps3 has. I'm starting to believe that this game will look better than Killzone 2. Only time will tell.

Arkham3392d ago

In Uncharted we saw pseudo-4D with his wet shirt drying....

In Uncharted 2 there's an entire Cell dedicated to his beard growth!

JHUX3392d ago

Not going to lie, that would actually be awesome if his beard kept growing haha!

Arkham3390d ago

Last minute rename to "Unshaven 2"?

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trpride3392d ago

Btw the shadow effects are WOW

games4fun3392d ago

I'm psyched for killzone 2 but if you made me choose it would uncharted 2 without a moments hesitation.

I hope they release a demo like last time :)

Traveler3392d ago

I feel the same way. Uncharted 2 is my most anticipated game this year--followed by Killzone 2, Chronicles of Riddick AODA, and Heavy Rain.

ultimolu3392d ago

Sweet Lord, the light effects...:o

Oh man, I am so excited for this game.

DavidMacDougall3392d ago

Have you been practicing for the beating im going to give you in Killzone 2?

ultimolu3392d ago

Ooooh, just you wait. o(>-<)o

And I have been practicing...just not last night. :o

DavidMacDougall3392d ago

I've not had my ps3 on in awhile but your still no match! As soon as the controller is in my hands n00bs get pwn'd :)

LeGenDx3392d ago

are we going to make a n4g clan ? .. =)

DavidMacDougall3392d ago

You should its better to be on the right hand side of the devil than in his path! LOL

ultimolu3392d ago

Joo keep talkin'! o(>-<)O

I am ready to, need more practice. o_o

callahan093392d ago

I'd be a part of an N4G clan for kizzy 2.

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free3sixty3392d ago

Hell, NG really shows what the PS3 can do. Uncharted2 looks really great.

Its nice to see, that the devs finally show the world what the PS3 can do. From year to year we see improvments, the 360 is at a point where they reached its limits i think, The PS3 is just starting to show its Power.

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