Is Sega planning a return to the console market?

If you've read the Digital Home for the past two years, you probably know that I hold a special place in my heart for Sega. I was always a heavy Genesis user and subsequent to that, I owned every console Sega released. That's precisely why a report from Siliconera has me excited.

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Chris3993567d ago

This has been known for a while now. The author has no further information to substantiate his story other that a strong desire that Sega return to the console business.

I like Sega, a lot. But I don't think that they'll return to consoles anytime soon (if at all).

Especially not during this economic climate.

kparks3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

well its news and i thought the dreamcast was the best system ever made and i would like to see them come back and if they are they better get into development by the time they get it made who knows how the economy will be... im mean im sticking with playstation but it will make alot of people happy

Spydiggity3566d ago

i doubt sega has the money to hop back into the console market. however, if they did some joint thing with microsoft, that would give MS the extra push into the east that they needed. not that i expect that would happen either. but asians are really reluctant to buy any american made products. having sega's name on their next console would probably be huge.

dragunrising3566d ago (Edited 3566d ago )

My thoughts exactly. Sega doesn't have the cash to front the huge investment it takes to develop, release and maintain a console. Microsoft on the other hand needs a little assistance in the East. Instead of releasing in Japan as Xbox "something" they could stamp Sega's name on the console. To take things a step further, Sega on anything is bound to get a legion of affectionados excited (East and West). Sega is a brand that is ubiquitous with video games. Ever wonder why Sonic and Mario at the Olympics sold so well? Aside from Mario, people are familiar with Sonic and the Sega logo.

kparks3566d ago

it might hurt them how they just droped the dreamcast of the face of the earth.. i think they left alot of people hanging

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DarkSniper3566d ago

As much as Dark Sniper would like to see this, this will not happen. What the gaming community once knew of Sega is no more. Sega would definitely provide legitimate competition against Sony and Nintendo and would deliver a crushing blow to Microsoft's Xbox division. Even the most loyal Microslave will admit to you that Sega's Dreamcast and their backdated catalogue of titles far exceeds anything on their own terrible console.

Personally speaking, Sega announcing a new console with Shenmue III being a launch title would bring tears to Dark Sniper's eyes.


cryymoar3566d ago

Sega needs to make great games before it can try to make a great console.

Also, I would much rather see Apple join the market. I'd buy an Apple gaming machine any day. Hopefully it would come it black though, to match my PS3 :]

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3566d ago

...I'd Swap Micro$oft for Sega anyday!!! ;)

dachiefsman3566d ago

no. The president of sega {america} said in an interview they have no desire to get back into the hardware side of console gaming.

creeping judas3566d ago

Please no, we don't need anymore fanboy/console wars!!!

I never did own a SEGA console back in the day??

xwabbit3566d ago

It was a good console tho

truehunter3566d ago

Sega & sony should team up. That way its better.

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