Visiting Guerrilla Studios

Gaming blog was invited for a tour of Guerrilla Games' studio last week. We talked to Steven Verheij about the game, the engine, and the inevitable sequel to PS3's most famous game. Join us after the jump for a look behind the scenes and some interesting information on the future of Killzone.

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The Hunter3535d ago

I live in the Netherlands and I also had the opportunity to visit this studio. (i am reporter for an gaming website in Holland). Its a good studio and they have a passion for work with a big smile. Sony should cherish this studio!!!!

Gadget733535d ago

So we must have seen eachother there! What site do you write for?

The Hunter3535d ago

I was there in 2007, we were the first after the E3 press to see the complete third level of Killzone 2. I was at that time reporter for Now iam reporter of, a new site from last November. :)

3535d ago
OhReginald3535d ago

“Even though we are part of Sony, no other studio will use our technology. Of course we share ideas and talk to other developers, but the Killzone engine will remain with us.”

lol damn i thought maybe GoWIII could use their engine...cause im not gonna lie that trailer looked like a pile of sh*t.