Edge: Killzone 2 Review

First impressions might be that everyone's dying all of the time, but perseverance pays off. Thanks largely to its online play, Killzone 2 should find itself a fanbase no one can overlook. In singleplayer, it's a testament to craft and imagination, if only because one is so immaculate while the other barely exists. It fights a great battle, it's just a shame about the war.

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Darkseider3594d ago

The Edge is so highly praised by XBox fanboys. Their reviews are consistently crap when reviewing PS3 exclusives yet XBox 360 exclusives get praise lavished upon them. I am not saying that Killzone 2 is perfect but definately not deserving of a 7 especially when other lesser games, FEAR 2, gets an 8 from them. One can plainly see the bias in their reviews and it has come to the point where they rank among the loser legends. Gamespot, Kotaku, Eurogamer and now Edge all in a league of their very own. CRAP.

Sasanova3594d ago

the funniest this about this review is out of 100 reviews, they the only ones who scored 7, and 2 other websites an 8 and is 9s and 10s...plz tell me, whos more likely to be wrong? gtfo, fanboy biased obvious review is obvious. good job losing your credibility, now go back to that secret fanboy gathering and see what other things you can do to downplay Sony.

JokesOnYou3594d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

hmmm, but I wonder what your comments were when they gave Mass Effect a 7/10, and how about when they gave LBP a 10/10?

Maybe they don't conform to the hype to please their critics, or maybe just maybe they have a different view on gaming and they score games based on their own feelings with no concern about what YOU think.

It's the same pattern from sony loyalists, if you AGREE its great, if you don't bash 'em to hell, I don't know whats worst the fact that you all jump on the same bandwagon of hating sites when they hurt your precious feelings or when you jump on the bandwagon of loving 'em when they rate the competitions games low.


edit: vvvvvvv chris that was a scan of the review score, this is the actual review from the site, just chill its ONE damm score, why not celebrate the fact that there are like 30 or so *HIGH scores for the game rather than biatch about 1 who scored it differently, damm the crybabies on this site are ridiculous.....ironicaly its people like you who give them MORE CREDITABILITY by acting as if this *ONE score means more than the others, it doesn't ya know?....when they gave ME a 7/10 I simply said I disagreed cause I played the game, its one of the best this gen, it had it flaws but I thought it was much better then a 7/10, ya see the difference, never once did I go crazy and bash any site for any review...damm, put on your Big Boy pants and relax.

MasFlowKiller3594d ago

really edge? i love how every small complement comes with a hidden kick to the nuts. but hey i haven't bee able to find a single gamer from both 360 and ps3 camp that even cares about edge's reviews.

Chris3993594d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Scans of the review can be found in this article:

And the 508 post thread earlier informed us all about the 7/10 score.

This is not news.

Oh, and the 'Edge Formula' is as follows:

Mario > Link > Halo > Sonic > Everything Sony. LBP was the ONLY PS3 exclusive that they showered with a glowing review. It was the exception, not the rule.

Besides, they probably made little Mario/ Link/ Space Marine sackboys with User Generated content and realized how genius the game was.

@JokesOnYou. I'm not the one who sounds unstable in my posts. At least I'm coherent and can form proper sentences. I have all 3 systems and I could really care less about game scores; I've never based my purchasing decisions upon them anyway (Folklore, for example). This sort of post was made purely to incite fanboy arguments about how Killzone 2 is/ isn't the greatest game ever (and consequentially the same argument about the system it's attached to). Get your panties out of a twist and grow up. We all knew the review score AND had scans. The article on the site is the same as the one in the magazine. This is not new information.

N4PS3G3594d ago


who's likely wrong?

no one dude... different opinions ..thats it... just because the majority thinks otherwise doesn't mean they are wrong...are you going to jump from a bridge if every one is doing it?

Cwalat3593d ago

The critic that reviewed this game must be either really lonely or really lonely and depressed.

If this isn't confirmation for bias websites... then w t f is?

Kill Crow3593d ago

unlike the other post !

Aaron Greenterd3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

In this tough economy, news outlets like Edge need the support of my parent company in order to survive.

If Edge were to be honest, my company would not pay them, and gamers wouldn't buy the magazine. But since we at MS have convinced them to "see things our way", my followers can splooge all over the pages of the Killzone 2 review, and Edge stays in business.

Now, what I did not see coming was the Halo Wars review. Edge decided to stab me in the back on that one, because in their words "You only payed for KZ2", so since they double crossed me, I will be resetting all of their Halo 3 stats and achievements.

Don't toy with me Edge.

solidjun53593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

...when the same applies to everyone, regardless of your preference. Yea, I agree with you on ME and yea I agree with you that if disagree, you simply state that you disagree. But please stop lumping one side and harmonizing the other. You act you're an objective individual where you clearly aren't. Jeez!

Darkseider3593d ago

Mass Effect did not deserve a 7/10 agreed but an 8/10 would have been a fair score simply because of the performance issues with the game. The story and characters were excellent but the game was plagued with technical fubars. As for Killzone 2 the game is a technical masterpiece and even though the story isn't WOWING it certainly is no better or worse than Halo 3 or Gears 1/2 which was given praise up and down by the same site. Again it is biased and inconsistent reviews that make Edge a laughing stock. Everyone else sees it clear as a bell. Hell I am willing to go as far as saying that even the most jaded XBox 360 fanboy can see the bias in this review.

Nike3593d ago

I predict about...+150 comments, several of them negative and this being a top story by the end of the day.

OGharryjoysticks3593d ago

"the funniest this about this review is out of 100 reviews"

Now I hear ya, but once one joker puts the garbage out, it's never long before some fool goes lower because he's got a partner in crime.

Pixel_Addict3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

This 'review' isn't going to change my mind. I don't need some self proclaimed authority goose stepping around trying to tell me what's 'good' or 'bad', worth playing or not. I understand the fanatics are upset, but that is one or two (creditable) reviews out of what about 10?

Honestly the average Joe doesn't visit gaming sites or care what reviews say (have you seen the sales of Iron Man the video game?). I've seen enough footage and played the demo and I've made my decision.

Against my better judgement I bought GTA4 because every single magazine and (as it seemed) even god himself was praising this game. I had a giftcard and time to kill so I bought the game. Well shorty after I was bored. It was a good game, just not my kind of game.

Basically what I am saying is, if you wanted to buy Killzone 2 then buy it, enjoy it, and just ignore the background noise.

Haha, as soon as I saw this article posted I knew it was bloodmask. He must have jizzed his pants.

JokesOnYou3593d ago

Its not just a phenomenon that only occurs with "sony loyalists", but maybe its because this is the only site I frequent for my gaming news and the fact thats its a heavily pro-sony membership site, that I find myself most often countering the mis-guided BS pro-sony comments, I own both myself but I do favor 360 so its just in my nature to give a counter what I percieve as BS, I may be wrong occasionally but seriously sony folks are the worst of the bunch, biggest crybabies in the gaming community. Thats just how I feel, really.


socomnick3593d ago

:/ its quite simple actually, bad controls, sluggish aiming = 7/10

StephanieBBB3593d ago

How can I trust thier review if I don't know how they conduct it?

I would start by giving a game 10/10 then deduct 1 point for every flaw it has, like bad story etc.

So in this they are saying that the only gripe about the game is the story and they deduct 3 points for that? WTF?

Chris3993593d ago

Resident Evil 5 should get the same score from Edge.

But it won't.

OGharryjoysticks3593d ago

of course not. it's on the 360. and in case Halo Wars fails 360 owners can say they have RE5 to distract themselves from the rest of the gaming world.

PistolPumptMonk3593d ago

This "review" sounds like it was written by a college english major who has never played a video game in his life.

What a joke.

Aaron Greenterd3593d ago

if you scroll down to the bottom of the page over at Edge, what do you see?

A graphic for Edge, Futureus, aaaand??? GamesRadar

I highly doubt that is a coincidence. GamesRadar knew they would get railroaded if they gave KZ2 a 7/10 because of what happened over at GAF. So they got their buddies over at Edge to give it a scathing review.

Here is the opening of the KZ2 Edge review:

"Some would have you believe that Killzone has no fans,‭ ‬just fanboys,‭ ‬mobilised by Sony’s promise of a technological blitzkrieg.‭ ‬That’s not entirely fair.‭


Because if Dead Space shows just what can be gained when you approach the familiar with a mind to making changes,‭ ‬Killzone‭ ‬2‭ ‬shows just what can happen when you don’t."

What the F**k are they talking about? It's just a friggin video game, they act like they are talking about slavery or police brutality, like they are fighting some ridiculous cause.

Edge - may your final days as a games publication be filled with backlash and anger. You guys worked hard for it. And what is the connection with GamesRadar?

Funny how Killzone 2 has revealed which sites still hate the ps3...

itagaki3593d ago

I don't put much weight into these reviews. I follow a select few that consistently scores games the same as what I would i.e. their taste matches mine.

I don't know why people go crazy like idiots over a review. It is just that a review so what if Edge gave it a low score. I personally don't think KZ2 is worthy of 10 or even maybe 9. Graphics is awesome, game play is identical to an over year old game, CoD4, sans the cover system that adds just a tad to the game.

To me based on the demo (pre-maturely until my copy arrives) is an 8. Graphics do not make the game, and that is what KZ2 is selling right now. I'm not seeing a wow experience yet.... I hope I do!

Lifendz3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

but how can you [Edge]be this wrong? Especially when SOny has made the game available for so long. Did they have someone that hates FPS' review the game? A 7? Look, a seven is not a terrible score, don't get me wrong, and I've only played the demo of KZ2 so I can't point to the game as a whole, but when the entire gaming journalism medium (by and large) is praising the game it really makes you wonder whether Edge A: knows what it's doing or B: has a bias.

If you disagree please tell me why.

ANd I know this is only an opinion. This in no way is going to impact my decision to buy the game day one. I'm merely talking about this with others interested so please keep the "this is just an opinion" to yourself as we are all aware of this already.

Danja3593d ago

They did the same thing to R2 and now KZ2 ...

still getting this game day one...and im looking forward to the statement Edge will release in the coming days trying to clarify why they gave KZ2 a 7....

pswi603593d ago

I agree 100%. Just because someone has an opinion does not mean we need to accept it as valid. My opinion is I can fly, doesn't mean I am right.

And your comment about "how could Edge be this wrong" is absolutely correct. How on earth can you be so far out of the norm? This game was in beta forever, GG kept most outlets in the loop as far as demo code, videos, screeshots, changes, etc...

Honestly, Edge is very upset that GG surpassed the target render. They gave this game the score that GamesRadar could not, and if you look at the bottom of the KZ2 review page, you will see what I mean. Edge has a connection with GamesRadar, and it's not just a coincidence.

The Lazy One3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

you know, if Aaron Greenberg found out who you were, he could sue you for slander right? He'd have a pretty good case considering you're impersonating an executive for microsoft on a large traffic gaming website.

Just saying...

edit: @ below

"Where I come from journalists (unless stated otherwise) are not allowed to present anything but 'news' unbiased NOT their opinions."

They aren't reporting news, they are being critics and reviewers. When journalists report "news" they should be unbiased. When they are doing editorials/critiques, they are supposed to be giving their opinion, most important, because I doubt you can quantify how much pleasure a game will give someone.

UltraNova3593d ago

Hey guys you should really let this one slide...Its pointless..When the whole world says this games deserves 9.3/10 they have to be right...Its no longer a case of opinion, it is now a case of pure statistics.. Its not like 5/100 people are saying it deserves a 9.3/10, its the other way around! So based on logic and stats Killzone 2 is 9.3/10 game (well until we the gamers play the game and decided for ourselfs!).

If by any chance someone (Edge) believes its a 7/10 then clearly some thing's off here..Maybe the reviewer didn't like it? He is entitled to his opinion right?. But wait! Aren't they supposed to be journalists? Where I come from journalists (unless stated otherwise) are not allowed to present anything but 'news' unbiased NOT their opinions. But when a game clearly deserves a 9.3/10 and they give it a 7 then..make it what you will...

The whole time I was reading their review I felt that the writer was looking for bad points in the game rather than reporting his experience. I felt like he was disappointed the game was actually good and his frustration and constant scrutiny to find mistakes was simply annoying. I don't know if this guy is a 360 or wii fanboy but he is definitely a ps3 hater a I can tell you that.

Just my two cents..

RememberThe3573593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Every comment seems to say the same thing: "Don't trust EDGE any more". So heres any idea, don't trust EDGE anymore. Let it go. They're like Famitsu; they didn't used to suck, but now they seem to be more focused on getting attention then actually helping gamers. It's too bad really...

Joey Greco RULES3593d ago

Do you guys really think that EDGE gives a sh*t about what you think?
Not at all.
They have staff that have been playing games a lot longer than most of you have been alive.
They know you're all fanboys, but they also know that makes you biased and blind.
It doesn't matter what they say, unless its 10/10 and "OMG KZ2 WHOO!" then you kids freak out.
They obviously didn't care. Get over it.

MNicholas3593d ago

They got a ton of hits.

coolfool3593d ago

but what about graphics and music?

Or are those categories too positive to review?

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Sasanova3594d ago

LOL THIS REVIEW DIDNT SAY ANYTHING LOOOOL WTF haha guy said the story is bad, and it has too much cliche moments, so thats why he gave it a 7 out of 10? check out his multiplayer review lol 1 paragraph of a multiplayer he never played. wow, hmm is it just me, or was the story in kz2 way better then your average shooter? a score of 7 given to a FPS game because of a story? im guessing halo 3 and cod4 story was so incredible wasnt it? gtfo, edge is a garbage website for your typical halo player.

solidjun53594d ago

The review praises the control and gameplay (the two most important components of a game) and said the story and voice acting sucked. That's fair to criticize those aspects of the game and that's their opinion. However, you deduct three points for story and voice? Okay cool, what about gears then? Story and voice sucked, yet it was rated highly (deservedly so), even with the issues with the online component.

Joey Greco RULES3593d ago

gears story and voice acting sucked?

did you play it? being serious.

RememberThe3573593d ago

And the story and voice acting sucked...

TheMART3593d ago


They gave LBP a 10 out of 10

Gears 1 they gave 8 out 10

EDGE is just a very straight to earth reviewer, not those that get hyped up by OPM biased, and Eurogamer exclusive biased reviewing. They make up their own mind.

ANd they're right. I also think LBP is pure greatness. KZ2 is a good shooter, I think worth something like a 8 to 8.5, but not what its hyped up to be. Its all generic. The way you arrive, beach, warehouse it isn't really a blast. COD4 with the boat arriving with the chopper, now that is a cliffhanger.

pwnsause3593d ago

"KZ2 is a good shooter, I think worth something like a 8 to 8.5, but not what its hyped up to be. Its all generic. The way you arrive, beach, warehouse it isn't really a blast. COD4 with the boat arriving with the chopper, now that is a cliffhanger."

Then we can say COD is Generic then, not to mention Halo and Gears. please dont give me this BullS**t.

MGOelite3593d ago

somebody please answer my question, how did halo 3 get 10/10 from edge when it brung nothing new to the FPS genre what timesplitters 3 didnt have but when killzone 2 brings nothing new it gets a 7/10


lokiroo4203593d ago

Mart with the time you spend on Killzone reviews, xboxqueens should have a huge section of the site portioned just for the ps3 and killzone. Good to see you cant keep it out of your head.

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3593d ago

...I bet you the Contributor for this Article had a Orgasm finding this 1!!! ;-D

+ Everytime you play the Demo you see something New!!! How cool is that!!!;)

ambientFLIER3593d ago

Halo 3 had 4-player co-op, and an amazing replay system.

KZ2 has no innovations, just pretty graphics.

Helghast Slayer3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

KZ2 has the first ever cover system (which works extremely well) for a fps, with one of the best storylines in fps history. Anyone who has played the first KZ and KZ:L will agree.

And it is based solely on realism not super human skittle colored marines with a power outfit, PLEASE GROW UP. What are you 12 years old?

ambientFLIER3593d ago

Cover in a FPS? You mean like Rainbow Six?

Aaron Greenterd3593d ago

in rainbow 6, you go into 3rd person when you take cover, then back to 1st person when aim.

in kz2, you stay in first person all the time.

if you actually played the demo, you would know this.

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Gadget733594d ago

Dear Fanboys,

A reviewer is entitled to his or her own opinion. Just as you are. If you love the game, go play it. What do you care if someone writes down a different opinion? Or are you so insecure you dare not read anything that might point out a different view?

OGharryjoysticks3593d ago

But I don't think it's about fanboys and the reaction to this reviews opinion. It's the principle. Based on technical achievement alone the game deserves high praise or gamers everywhere can all play the Wii and be happy. If a developer can push gaming presentation further and it is rewarded, more developers will have something to strive for thus a better future for us. Eventually we should hope to have games that actually look real. Or is the first time reviewers sing high praise and heap awards on that game when the Xbox 720 comes out? Because I'm looking back and I see 10's for graphics given in the past 3 years on muliple occasions for a certain system's games, but for some reason 10's or 5's are hard to come by now. Maybe they gave out too many charity awards and realize 10's should be a once and a while thing. Too bad they all seemed to have missed the once while now. This is the perfect case for what is wrong and I think some of the upset replies are level headed avid readers who know right from wrong.

Gadget733593d ago

Bollocks. A game can look amazing and still play like crap. No game *deserves* high praise. None. If the game is 'meh' it doesn't matter how great it looks.

Danja3593d ago

KZ2 looks great and plays great....The story cannot be that bad for them to justify taking off 3 whole points.....they have praised the control scheme and aiming which so far has been the biggest gripe among wats there reason about the story being too cliched..? which freakin FPS doesn't have a cliched story these days atleast KZ2 actually tries to be different from the bunch in it's approach.

The Demo played the Beat was amazing so im more than confident the game plays just as great as how it looks..

I bet they are gonna give RE:5 a 9/10.....

Sarcasm3593d ago

"If the game is 'meh' it doesn't matter how great it looks. "


But Killzone 2 looks great and Plays great. So yes it deserves High Praise.

Quit being a stealth fanboy.

SprSynJn3593d ago

Arguing over one websites displeasure for the game is pointless. I have played it, as millions other have, and we all enjoy it immensely. Besides, if one checks out sites Metacritic you will see that despite that being such a low score, it only drops the average score from 93 to 92. One point proves how one websites review should be taken with a grain of salt.

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OGharryjoysticks3594d ago

from behind the door neighbors said they could hear "awww, do I have to"

He takes a break and writes this review.

Now back to work.

slurp slurp