Buying a new HDTV - Plasma Vs. LCD

Buying a big screen, high-definition television is becoming more of a must as time goes by. As we gradually shift to a digital age, that old 15? portable TV sitting on top of a pile of books in your front room just isn't going to cut the mustard any longer. But where do you begin?

And, with the current economic crisis making every purchase one filled with risk and a necessity to get it right first time, what mistakes do you need to ensure you don't make when deciding which HDTV to buy?

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hitthegspot3570d ago (Edited 3570d ago )

No DLP and no washed out projectors....

hitthegspot3570d ago

If you search the net you can find the worlds largest screens. I think 108" is the current record with a price tag of $165,000. But if you go to any store, Best Buy, Sears, Tweeter (gone now), Circuit City (soon to be gone), Costco, BJs, or any store that sells TVs, you are hard pressed to find a Plasma or LCD over 65". I thought for sure that we would see 80" by now for the sub $10,000 price tag. Where are they? I currently own a 65" Pioneer Elite Projection TV and I'm not going to replace it unless I can get 80" or bigger for the sub $7,000 price. Hopefully they will be coming soon.

_Q_3570d ago

With Plasmas you get ideal color pallet and speed but at the risk burn in if your not mindful. Ive found if im leaving the game alone for a while. I simply turn off the tv.
Power consumption difference is negligible seeing that both use around 1/3 the power it takes to power a CRT.
Set life is almost the same too. My Panasonic has 100,000 hours life expectancy. Id same its a pretty close race but Plasmas got me.
Lcds are great and many have improved color and speed wise but I still find them lacking when it comes to overall picture quality. Well thats my two cents on the subject.