Gamingexcellence: Lumines Supernova Review

When the original Lumines was released for the PSP, it was a system seller. Its addictive puzzle mechanics combined with pulsing beats and visuals made it an enjoyable puzzle title that one could be lost in for hours.

Since then it has been released on a number of systems, including the PS2 and the Xbox Live Arcade. Its latest iteration has arrived on the PlayStation Network, and while it doesn't do much do reinvent the game, it adds another game mode and a number of new skins that might make the ear of a fan perk up.

In the end, Lumines is a great game to play. The basic gameplay is solid and addictive, and the skins are mesmerizing in both sound and visuals, blending with the gameplay to create a hypnotic experience. If you like the series, well then this is definitely the best of the bunch, and worth the purchase. If you're new to Lumines, well, it's certainly worth the purchase. And if you're jaded with the series…well, perhaps it's not worth it at fifteen bucks. But that doesn't mean it's still not a great game to play.

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