N4G Radio 02/09/2009

It's time to throw down the gauntlet as the guys discuss the most hyped game of 2009, Killzone 2. They also break down Halo Wars, Afro Samurai and discuss what is wrong with Resident Evil 5.

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DA_SHREDDER3571d ago

This show is getting lame.......

Andronix3571d ago

Although the British and the Americans speak the same language (kinda) there is actually quite a big cultural divide. However listening to these N4G podcasts, the show has really grown on me. The guys are really, REALLY into their games and it shows. When their friend, an occasional guest, is on it is really funny because he brings a new, lively dynamic to proceedings. Being an American show the programme is normally focused mostly on Xbox but the guys have a good attitude towards PlayStation 3 and Wii as well. Sweet!

ZeroTolerance3571d ago

What would you like to see added. We are always looking for feedback, also thanks to Andronix, we are glad you are enjoying the show.

Sk8boyP3571d ago

Oh my god, this is off my iTunes podcast library. I'm getting tired of the slightly negative tone from ZeroTolerance. He always seems to have something against the PS3. He may praise it once in a blue moon, but he just nitpicked the sh1t out of KZ2! It' a demo, you wanted more so you buy the game, jeez.... whatever. I'm moving on to something with a balanced view when it comes to the PS3. ZT is just such a sourpuss.

Violater3570d ago

For some reason I thought you guys were older, Now everything falls into place.

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DA_SHREDDER3571d ago

Nothing really wrong with your show,, except I can tell you guys are losing interest in it.. Sorta like having sex with the same girl. It gets old after so long, no matter how sexy she is. Its like you guys need to take a break. Do it for fun,, not because you feel like you have to. Get some guest on the show. You guys are popular,,, get some dev interviews,, something.

ZeroTolerance3571d ago

That is a valid response and agreed there are weeks where the show feels more like a chore, but we really do love doing it, even it sometimes sounds like we don't. We are working on some ideas to bring some fun back to the show and we may also be doing more interaction with devs and publishers this year to liven up the formula.

The Wombat3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

Personally, I still LOVE doing the show and I absolutely do it for fun. You're right though, sometimes the energy level is a little down. I think this time of year is worse for that since it's traditionally a dry spell in terms of game releases. We do need to mix some stuff up though. I'd love to do some interviews or have some more guests. We're always open to any suggestion to help us produce a better show, so thanks for the input.

gonzoyid3558d ago

Hello chaps,maybe you could get the EU side of things onto the show once a month ... or maybe feature a clan every now and then ... other than that I enjoy it,it`s a great listen and funny at times ... keep up the good work ... as for those that don`t enjoy it ... do one!