Pachter US estimates: 275k 360, 225 PS3 in January

VG247: Just got this from Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter.

We estimate sell-through of 550,000 Wii, 275,000 Xbox 360 and 225,000 PS3 consoles (a 35% year-over-year unit increase in consoles). Our console sell-through forecasts reflect our belief that supplies for Wii hardware were up year-over-year.

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PirateThom3595d ago

Pachter... I think we can all have a good laugh at his expense when the actual figures come out.

bomboclaat_gamer3595d ago

i bet if it was the other way around u wouldnt be saying that. he is more successful than u. so i guess he is doing something right.

PirateThom3595d ago

You know, I often make my own predictions and, more often that not, I'm closer than Pachter is.

And I don't have access to prereleased sales data, I'm literally pulling the figures out of my rear end.

Not to mention, if the 360 is half the price of the PS3 and is only selling 50k more, even in January, not sure how that's a victory either way.


Wii - 475k
360 - 260K
PS3 - 215k

My official predictions.

Cwalat3595d ago

Why doesn't he estimate worldwide sales?

I predict Wii is worldwide most seller in January, followed by PS3 and then 360. Notice that i excluded Portable platforms, (can never predict how much those fu**ers will sell)

mint royale3595d ago

Wii - 700K
360 - 325K
ps3 - 275K

I hope you all bow to my excellence..... when the actual results turn out nothing like my predictions! :(

DrWan3595d ago

Dont be retarded, these ppl actually have a job at the industry, their prediction came from calculations and data, not blind guesses like yours. Accurate or not, they have a system of doing things, it's anything but random.

Ju3595d ago

Its anything but random, but the result is the same. What does that tell us ?

BRG90003595d ago

So you insult the guy, then announce your predictions which are simply his minus 5%? So essentially you dislike him, but you agree with him. Why not just say that?

3595d ago
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TOO PAWNED3595d ago

Shouldn't 360 be selling way more than that? Only 50k more? With that price?
I know this is "estimates" but still it is going to be around those numbers.

OGharryjoysticks3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

During the Xmas shopping rush the price of the 360 helped, but even more than that my guess is it was the terrific specific store deals. Some stores bundled up to 3 games plus the system for regular price. I saw a Guitar Hero bundle where you got the system and the complete GH3 set for just what the system costs also. The give-aways were unreal, but stores aren't giving stuff away now. For example, I don't think stores even have any sales on "games" this week.

CrazzyMan3595d ago (Edited 3595d ago )

1) The userbase of first xbox in NA was like 16 mln., and most xbox fans already have bought x360.
2) There are only people left, which are fooled with low entry price of x360, while the real cost of x360 for enjoying real HD experience is even bigger than PS3.
3) The RROD hasn`t gone completely.
4) There is not much great exclusive games are coming in 2009 for x360.

People are buying x360, since PS3 is still expensive in today`s recession, but when PS3 will hit 299$ price.., then there will be no point in buying x360.

Kushan3595d ago

I wasn't aware that in order to buy a console, you had to be a fan of that console's predecessor.
I know quite a lot of people with 360's and the majority of them did not own an Xbox, nor did they get it because it was "cheap".
I also know PS3 owners who, surprisingly, did not have a PS2 (even though practically everyone owned one at one point).

LoydX-mas3595d ago

Killzone 2.

If his numbers are right then the hype of a good game will increase sales.
All the rest of your arguments are just fanboy hysterics.

gijose3595d ago

well then by your logic I guess the entire gamecube install base must have purchased at least 10 wii's each.

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X_GAMER_X3595d ago

Patcher Patcher Patcher Patcher..please man..get a real hobby or a job that is appropriate to ur age.Cave man with zero knowledge

solidjun53595d ago

Regardless of who comes out on top, the difference in numbers and so on; Patcher is always off. The funny thing is that his 'predictions' are always up on N4G, destructoid, kotaku, etc... like he's Nostradamus.

You know, it's time that time of the month. Where 'gamers' get PMS over the numbers released.

OGharryjoysticks3595d ago

Sony could pretty much continue at the current price point and just wait for the big game titles to help sales. No offense to Microsoft but I don't see Halo Wars selling systems. I'm sure the Halo cult will buy it because it's Halo and that goes without saying. But Killzone 2 is looked at as something different because it is said to have the best graphics out of all console games, and that might get some people interested.

Arsenal4Ever3595d ago

I wish we had worldwide sales data so we could see exactly how well each console was doing in all countries and not just one.

soxfan20053595d ago

You should care about your country. If a system is more popular in a country other than yours, and exclusive games are made in that country because it is more popular, you cam't play them anyway because of the region lockout. For instance, there are tons of great Sega Saturn games available in Japan and Europe that are not available in the US because Saturn was more popular in those regions than in the US. Same with PCEngine, Sega Master System, N64, and other systems popular worldwide but not in the US.

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