Ready 2 Rumble Again ?

In an article by it appears 10tacle studios has acquired the Ready 2 Rumble license. They have asked AKI Corporation (former def jam developers) to develop the first game in the series, which will be seeing a release across "various videogame platforms."

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BlackIceJoe4305d ago

I liked playing the Ready 2 Rumble games before so I can't wait to play these new games. I also wonder if there is any chance the first two could come out on Xbox live or the PSN to download and play them again.

calderra4305d ago

R2R was cool. Good to see it's getting some new life. But from the def jam developers? Mehh... so long as they stick to the original vision. And maybe if there's a create-a-fighter mode. That'd be great for R2R.

Whoooop4304d ago

I remember beating the S#@T out of this game. Used to love dreamcast too.

People and history says the PS3 was responsible for the DC downfall, but i attribute a big part of that fall to the fact that games could be easily ripped and people eventually stopped supporting them..
(me being one of them) :P

The only games i bought were NBA2K, Ready To Rumble, NFL2K and Resident Evil CODE VERONICA (which it was amazing) and after that they were all ripped..

It would be a good addition to any platform, this games was fun..