What Does EA's Wii Strategy Mean for Gaming?

It took a global economic recession and sales in excess of 40 million units, before game publisher Electronic Arts sat up and paid attention to the Wii.

But last week, during the company's quarterly earnings conference, CEO John Riccitiello acknowledged that developing for the Wii had become a major priority for his company. The publisher announced that it would bring a motion-controlled port of its popular survival-horror game Dead Space to the Nintendo console later in 2009. Riccitiello added that this would be the first of many new EA projects that would seek to bring a more "Core" experience to the family-friendly console.

Why has it taken so long for large publishers like EA to recognize the potential to profit from high-quality releases on the most popular current-gen video game console? What does this move mean for the future of EA and console gaming in general?

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ape0073566d ago

has some really hot hardcore stuff guys

dead space wii

the conduit

mad world,looks sick

world of goo was awesome

these games not only good but also unique

now I really want a new 2-d mario game that surpasses super mario world.please nintendo

clinker3566d ago

I wouldn't trust EA to release a quality port on the Wii after what they did to NEed for Speed: Underground.