Neocrisis: New Star Ocean 4 Screens

Neocrisis writes:

20 new Star Ocean 4 screenshots check them out.

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jazzking20013569d ago

i cant wait to play this game

mintaro3568d ago

Don't know who disagreed with you, but damn this game is purty.

ZackFair3569d ago

this looks really good.

jazzking20013568d ago

thats were i dont agree with you

N4PS3G3568d ago

i do agree with you....they lack emotion..but looks great anyways! can't wait to play it

jazzking20013568d ago

i think theres some emotion

jazzking20013568d ago

what is the release date?

N4Garbage3568d ago

What JRPG can you find me that has any great emotional face features?

In Tales of Vesperia all Yuri's eyebrows did was point in when he was angry.

In Lost Odyssey Kaims' face stayed the same pretty much all the time even when it was time to get emotional lol.

I'm pretty sure in cutscenes there will be moments when someone gets mad or sad and I don't think Tri Ace wouldn't look over it.

The crispness of the graphics are great and Feb. 24 couldn't come sooner :D