Violent videogames don't make killers: study

LOS ANGELES (Reuters Life!) - Do video games kill? The jury is still out on whether violent video games lead to violent behavior in children, but a new study asserts that killer games do not make killer kids.

University of Southern California sociologist Karen Sternheimer, who has been researching the topic since 1999, said blaming video games for youth violence fails to take into account other major factors.

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I wonder if Jack Thompson will read this.

Merovee4036d ago

We've been saying it for over a decade now.

BIadestarX4036d ago

I highly doubt those talibans and terrorist bother blowing and killing things in the virtual world of video games when they can do so in real life. Besides with so many great games who has time to go kill anybody or comit any crimes.

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Do you even know what countries talibans reside in?

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Sweden. But does it matter, really? I'm not a fan of prejudice. What you're saying about talibans could very well be said about your own country's government (to narrow it down and not just say 'christian americans').

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Killers are violent gamers tho...