Rumor: The Conduit to have lobby system

More alleged details of The Conduit's multiplayer functionality have been revealed at this year's New York Comic Con.

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ChickeyCantor3539d ago

" Thanks to the lobby system, friends will be able to hook up their Wii Speak accessories and talk with each other."

So not to random people?!

phantomexe3539d ago

can't wait to play it,i'm sure this game going sell.I got friends that are dusting there wiis off.

Legionaire20053539d ago

The Conduit is going to be the next Perfect Dark from Nintendo 64!!! It reminds me of it so much, but on a larger scale with 16 players online. This includes the Wii Motion Plus and Wii Speak. I'll buy it or rent and buy it from Gamefly(Its much cheaper).

Product3539d ago

no from what ive seen in the nintendo powr article wii speak will only work with people who you have shared friend codes with Sidar.