Wii has a lot of "horsepower under the hood" says Scarface dev

Radical Entertainment producer backs Wii's technical ability

In support of Wii's technical ability, Geoff Thomas, producer at Radical Entertainment told CVG that Nintendo's console can pack a fair punch in the graphical department.

Speaking about his latest project, Scarface: The World is Yours, being reworked for Wii, Thomas said: "The Wii has a lot of horsepower under the hood and we're making full use of it.

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Whoooop4308d ago

WHAT? WAIT where am i?? zzzzzzz :P

HuntingYou4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

the only thing a wii is good for is when my b!tch wants a golden shower...hahahahahaha

"I wanna WII on you, Yes I do"

....go mario...go.go...go mario,... i love nintendo... TO WII ON!!!...just kidding

BIadestarX4308d ago

It does? Prove it!
Lots of power when compared to last gen consoles or in within the limitation of the console but not compared to other consoles. If so wake me up when graphics on it look as good as gear of war or resistance.

bombzombie4308d ago

Wii's processors are capable of that type of game. Have you seen Tiger Woods golf on Wii? It is phenom. Certainly, no one would argue that the Wii does not have more processing power than the PS2 or XB1. Let the little guy do his thing and continue to get the majority of the 100 million casual gamers to come play at the table. :-)

calderra4308d ago

Er, no, Wii is not capable. Not that those TYPES of games couldn't be done, obviously they could, but Wii even at its late-life prime will probably be pushing to equal first-gen 360/PS3 titles.

Also: You gotta remember that Scarface on current consoles only looks marginally better than GTA: Vice City. There's plenty of power left in the Wii to improve on that. And that's not a compliment to the Wii, really.

hfaze4308d ago

All I can say is that I want some of what you're smoking...

The Wii does not have even a quarter of the power required to run Gears Of War... Face it, other than the funky controllers, you just bought a last-gen system...

It's BARELY more powerful than the original XBox...

If you want real power, step up to the PS3 or X360... Wii will have some fun games, but NOWHERE near as good of graphics as either the PS3 or X360.

bombzombie4308d ago

First off, I own the Xb1, PS1, PS2, PS3, 360 and a 2600 and Intellivision somewhere in my parents storage closet back at home in East Texas.

#1- Are you playing the game or the graphics or the computer processing power? Certainly, there is a relationship between the amount of power in a system and its ultimate potential, but the Wii's potential has not yet been fully tapped. Give it some time and then come back. This is just as bad as those saying PS3 games don't look any better than what....they're just getting started. Give the dev's some room to get their mojo on.

#2- Power is nothing if it is not harnessed and utilized. The old Xb1 is a prime example. More powerful than a PS2, but underutilized.

#3- The Wii doesn't have to be a next-gen to seriously affect the supposed next-gen systems sold by MS and Sony. Look at the thread below this one and you will see that the PS2 outsells any next gen system. The Wii, pardon me, only has to be a Wii bit better than PS2 and XB1 while maintaining a significantly lower price than the 360 or PS3. I would argue that decent PS2 or slightly better level graphics, good quantity and volume (something Wii doesn't yet have) interactive games, and reasonable prices sell video consoles to the masses.

#4- Your strongest consternations aside, Hard-core gamers won't affect the popularity of the Wii. They (myself included as a hardcore gamer) don't necessarily agree with the less is more and want more horsepower and more immersion. The people buying the Wii for the most part don't give a left-ball sack about what the hard-core gamer thinks. They are voting with their dollars both here in the US and in Japan. The Wii, at current pace, is going to way outsell PS3 and catch up and surpass X360....and that's even after I buy two more (1) second generation PS3 with rumble and (1) X360 with HDMI / 120Gb HDD which my current units don't have.

#5- Image and hype account for alot of sales. Ninty is pictured as being kid friendly and the fact that you can't find any in stores or online even using that Wii finder technology makes people want it all the more. Just like anything else where there is more demand than supply, hype feeds into itself and thus sales are generated. Basic sort of bull market psych...nothing new here.

#6- First gen games are no way to judge a system. If that was the case, I would have given away an X360 and PS3. Or remember the early PS2 games...:-) I do. I still have 15 or 20 titles. Maybe I should post screen shots to remind folks of not only the upgrades in the hardware, but how much improved dev's are in maxing out that hardware.

#7- As Ninty cuts into X's sales lead and PS3 only keeps pace or begins to equalize the playing's are hopping on the Ninty train for profits. Trust me....and I'll bet $100 on it...if they sell 11 million consoles by next Christmas...the games will come a plenty and they will look every bit as pretty as PS2 and X1's with some slight improvements to take advantage of the extra processing power.

Like I said, I am a PSiii60 owner, and I harbor no bias to any console. I am hardcore gamer, but I can see the writing on the wall. I know a train coming downhill on the tracks with no brakes when I see one. Ninty is going for an end-around and Sony/MS are scratching their collective noodle noggins trying to figure out how to get on board. Certainly, no console will be a failure in this iteration, but the Ninty has the potential to be a break-away success and profit machine.

InMyOpinion4307d ago (Edited 4307d ago )

Nice comment. Two elements the Wii has that both the Ps3 and the 360 lacks in are 'usability' and 'affordance'.

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FordGTGuy4308d ago

For Example

The Wii has alot of horsepower . . . guy leaves . . NOT!

anthonsh4308d ago

If you actually care, it goes something like this

(these are very rough)

PS3 = 2x PS2
Wii = 1.5 X Gamecube = 1.3x PS2

Wii and PS3 are made using the same "next gen" process when creating chips, but if you read the "Iwata talks" article at you will see that nintendo specifically designed the Wii to use less power (connect24 and smaller/cheaper chips), so it IS a next gen system, in the sense that it is more capeable, and uses next-gen technology.

Many people will say "Only 1.3x?" but if you think about it, as long as you're running on 480i/p thats fine, who cares? It is definately enough to notice a graphical difference, hence why SOME games that are coming out are much nicer than we saw on XBox/PS2.

It seems to me like some of the Wii games coming out are being designed as though it was going to be played on a GameCube. I dont notice any difference between Marvel: Ultimate Alliance on Wii and X-Men Legends 2 on Gamecube. I think in some cases, its better to have these games ported earlier than to have nothing at all. At least you get to use the Wiimote for something.

power of Green 4308d ago

6th generation power and now rumors of Sony's "Home" and MS's Peter More saying we wan't to WORK ON BEING MORE LIKE Wii.(not the controller but possibly things like virtual words and selfs/Mii's)Just my opinions all MS was probably saying is that we need a more well rounded image or need more child friendly collection of games or it could be as simply as AD's.

The Wiimote will not carry the horse powers weight this gen just my opinion.

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