IGN NYCC 09: Roogoo Attack Hands-on

IGN writes: "I'll admit it: I thought Roogoo Attack! looked pretty dumb when I sat down to play it at a Nintendo DS kiosk on the New York Comic-Con show floor. At first glace, this is that Playskool set we all had as children where you shove the triangle through the triangle hole and the circle through the circle hole. However, about the time that I was using bird nests to bop bad guys on the head and desperately trying to match shapes faster than my multiplayer opponent, I dawned on me that I was the dumb one -- this was fun.

Even if you missed Roogoo's coming out party in June 2008 on Xbox Live Arcade like I did, this DS version retains the simplistic fun and is so addictive it's sure to garner a strong following. The basics of Roogoo are easy enough to understand. Discs are suspended in the air. Specifically shaped holes are cut into the discs. Colored shapes fall from the sky, and you have to rotate the discs one at a time so that the falling shape glides though the corresponding hole. The shapes stack on the lowest disc, and a level is complete when you've completed a tower of pieces for each shape. "

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