Predictions for 2009: Ugly

Phreaky from PS3 Attitude writes: "Following on from our recent articles looking at how 2009 is shaping up - coupled with some potentially positive results already - we take a foray into the untended and unsightly future of the PS3.

We've looked at 'The Good'. We've looked at 'The Bad'. Now it's time for the uncensored (and slightly unhinged) 'The Ugly'.

You have been warned…"

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phantomshadow3516d ago

An opinion piece with little to no evidence to back it up. Thanks but no thanks.

3516d ago
phreaky3516d ago

Like it says in the article - these are some of the more out-there, unhinged thoughts on the PS3 in 2009. No one says they're gospel!

No, there isn't evidence backing these up apart from what has happened before, like with ICO in the case of Heavy Rain, etc.