LazyGamer: Halo Wars Hands On Preview

LazyGamer writes: "Yes it's true, we have already finished the whole single player campaign in Halo Wars. Problem is, that because of the embargo that only ends on the 20th of February, we aren't actually allowed to tell you everything about it just yet.

What I can do however, is give you a good idea of what you can expect.

I have to be quite honest when I say that I am far from being a huge Halo fan and from the moment I heard about Halo Wars, I was pessimistic about the whole idea. Sure, turn the big franchise into an even bigger cash cow by spreading out into different genre's."

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lord_of_balrogs3600d ago

"The war against the Elite’s is in full gear and it’s up to you and the crew of the Spirit of Fire ship to save the universe… so that Master Chief can save it again in future… multiple times… and then finish the fight… or whatever."
I lol'd here.

SRU96003599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

The more I play the demo, the more I find myself looking forward to this game.

To the guys below me, I understand what you are saying, but I didn't feel the author of this article was being overly critical of the Halo series.

It also sounds like his full review is going to be very positive.

X_GAMER_X3599d ago

( But then I heard a few interesting facts. Firstly, Master Chief was nowhere to be seen, and that impressed me considering that he is usually pimped out using any means necessary in order to improve sales)

For god sake Master Chief have been in three games.
ok..I don't know whats wrong with people these days.
So the world should go by you then it means we have to delete the main character from the games that have made trilogy such as ( metal gears solid snake, God of War Kratos) and replace them with..hmmm a rabbit from the wonderland..

I miss the days when there were honest reviews who wasn't blinded by there ignorance..

And either you like it or not..Master Chief sells games and one of the important charecters of all time..If a man ignores that..then..I feel sorry for Him/She

green3599d ago

I am sure he would like a Super Mario game with out Mario.

X_GAMER_X3599d ago

Lol..That would be something if he said it.
jealousy, Hate and ignorance is all over this guy.
There should be basic how to review or preview a game.
Talk about the gameplay elements.
Talk about the online if there is one.
Coap if there is one.
Visual(if it has problems with the framerates and and compare it to others cuz that will be comparison and not review)
Lasting appeal.

Its not that hard

P4KY B3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Was the demo better than Red Alert 2, Generals or Total Annihilation?
Not even close and they are all old games.

edit:- To all the disagrees, can you really say that Halo Wars is better than the 3 games I mentioned.

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The story is too old to be commented.