PSX Extreme: Valkyria Chronicles Review

PSX Extreme writes: "First of all, we really must apologize for the delay in delivering this review. It's not much of an excuse to say we were completely swamped during the hectic release period between October and November last year, but that's our only defense. However, it's good to know that many people have rewarded Sega for producing a high-quality strategy/RPG title that is both original and entertaining. We all have to agree that Sega's glory days are well behind them (we're currently scheduling Sonic's funeral), but every once in a while, they really surprise us. In the case of Valkyria Chronicles, they managed to develop a game that will undoubtedly appeal to a certain core demographic, but should also intrigue those who are looking for something new. After finally spending enough time with this one, we've come to the conclusion that not only is it the most overlooked title of 2008, but it's also one of the more impressive strategy-based productions to be released in the past few years.

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Obama3569d ago

user score is 9.8. Glad that eople really like this game. It's the best jrpg this generation yet.

WildArmed3568d ago

I really wanna get this game..
If it had trophies I woulda got it instantly (this is sad)

But Imma pick it up on my b'day and make myself happy! (9.8 user rating!)

Rmagnus3568d ago

Not enough people are buying the game..... Its a really good game.... love it to bits can't wait for the DLC

jjl3568d ago

I've bought this game since I noticed it was getting scarce. I've stopped playing it though due to the lack of trophy support. Seems a waste since there is already medals you can earn within the game. I'd definitely recommend it though, very unique in its genre.

Asurastrike3568d ago

Valkyria Chronicles and Persona 4 are my GOTY 2008.

OGharryjoysticks3568d ago

I don't. Everybody that has played this game admits it's good and those players know a thing or two about this game genre. Also, Sega is releasing Yakuza 3 which looks like a Japanese GTA so I really think the statement about the glory days being behind them are blowing things out of proportion. Sonic sucks, sure, but almost always did in a way. Sega also has the Aliens games coming out later which is a great franchise to tap into. Basically, I think Sega is just slow. They will continue to deliver it just takes them time.