The Conduit Comic-Con Video With Some Surprises

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Product3594d ago

Key features of the video most we already know .......some we dont:

-18 weapons in the game confirmed,only shown basic weapons so far.
-3 main multiplayer modes(DM,Team DM,CTF) but sub games inside those modes yet to be announced with own unique objectives to perform
-can move weapon in real time while in the controls menu
-thinks hardcore setting is a small box deadzone
-certain weapons work better for different situations unique to wii remote
-standard drudge semi-auto with zoom sniper rail feature is the gun shown in the demo
-other weapons include a weapon where you shoot a projectile and it will follow your cursor afterwards,and speaks about a weapon where you can shoot around corners where enemies might be hiding

Durffen3594d ago

June 9th will not come sooner.

When are we gonna get some multi player footage?

FinalomegaS3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

One thing I never really liked about FPS, throwing a grenade. Normally you would need to switch weapons or where it will explode becomes an issue.

The aiming and how far becomes a lot of guess work, and when you're under heavy fire you don't have time to be worrying about that. Seen this video and it's so smooth how he's just man handling the mobs and throwing grenades. I don't think the A.I will be that much of an issue, you clearly have have more control over the game than playing with a controller. Now to take on the mouse and keyboard...

Well that can only be tested once we have the game in hand, the keyboard+mouse has been the staple of FPS and the consoles might finally have that edge.

*speculation time*
I think we can expect HVS to try and bring the FPS that they can build upon. Sega giving them the thumbs up is great but obviously they have their hands full when it comes to FPS, and everyone will say MP3 is the best but I want this to top MP3. A 3rd party outdoing Nintendo, if they can do it then others might follow.

Shnazzyone3594d ago

i forget.. is june still summer or is that spring? because he said summer instead of spring like they have been saying usually. Does that mean it might have been pushed back?

Smacktard3593d ago

I thought that June 21st was typically the start of summer...

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