Great Gamer Myths

The videogame generation has short attention spans, hates reading, and everything has to be cut together really quickly, right? Shenanigans!

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edgeofblade3535d ago

I dislike reading, I have a short attention span, but I appreciate that one 2 minute take in Kill Bill.

kingme713535d ago

Videogames just get a bad rap from older generations. Even the words video games cause moms to roll their eyes and remark how their kid is addicted and needs to get sunshine and exercise. I've never heard a parent tell a child to put down that book and do something constructive, although one could argue that video games have many beneficial side effects as do books.

Too much of anything is not good and that is one of the traits of video games in that it takes many hours to get through a game, and often you get engrossed in it and want to play to completion. Kids tend to be more single minded by nature (not necessarily a bad thing), so they spend alot of time playing their game at the expense of other things (like bathing).

I have 2 kids and they are no different from any other kids. They get a game and I don't see them for hours on end. I make them eventually stop to come up for air, but I do the same for anything else they are doing for too long (even homework).

It's rather amusing that the same people condemning video games are doing it during the commercials of their reality TV shows.

In the end, take everything in moderation. Read a book, get some exercise, go out in the sun, play games, and maybe even watch a little reality TV (if you can stomach it).

mastiffchild3535d ago

I think this kind of problem is destined to end soon. The older members of the "generation" like myself, are in their 30's and have kids and responsible careers. When people from this older group start becoming news editors on TV and bigger 'Papers in the next few years you'll see a more understanding take on video games just like popular music/tock did when the "baby boomers" made it into positions of power within the mass media.
The article is correct inthat we do see some odd and ill informed stuff about a hobby(not an addiction for 99.9% of gamers)that helps with attention span, hand eye co-ordination, reading skills and now I even play a lot of LBP with my two youngest(boys 7 and 10)in create mode(like my dad did with me and Lego/Meccano-which they still use)which teaches them all sorts really. I also don't allow them to play anything they aren't meant to(maybe with some leeway with games like GH/Rock band which I'll let them play with me but not alone)but sometimes I think the ignorance runs deep enough that people don't even realise games have age restrictions and censors.
It's a little daft in this day and age.

kingme713535d ago

Good points! I think we are probably about 5-10 years out from the the older gamers (like you and I) really getting a foothold in public opinion.

xabmol3535d ago

Someone asks "how can you just sit there playing games all day." Then they go watch TV for 6 hours strait. lol