Top 3 Sexiest Female Street Fighter Characters

Andrew Weymes of The Nightly Gamer writes: "The Street Fighter series has been around for over a decade. While the first game was decent, it's Street Fighter II that put the series on the map and helped it to gain a massive following all over the world. This popularity has spawned theatrical films in which fans of the series should probably just forget unless they feel like having a long chuckle. Before the girls of Dead or Alive were jiggling their breasts all over the place, gamers were fantasizing about the 2D sprite of the Street Fighter series. With the upcoming release of Street Fighter IV approaching, The Nightly Gamer saw it fit to make a Top 3 list of sexiest women from the Street Fighter series."

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jack who3592d ago


Cammy or Mika umm hell with it i'd hit em the same time;)

pain777pas3592d ago

Viper I'm not sure about yet haven't played the new game but R Mika definitely one of my favs from alpha 3 and of course Cammy. Chun Li though is hot the fireball animation from SSF2 turbo and her in the dress in SF4? Viper I don't know.........

Lord Anubis3592d ago

you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with CG/anime characters.

MrWeymes3592d ago

Do they have meetings for things like this similar to alcoholic anonymous?

"I just can't stop looking at pre rendered breasts!"

Lord Anubis3592d ago

I believe they call it "The Power Button" :P

MrWeymes3592d ago

I'm fine guys. Really.

I only ogle them while my girlfriend sleeps.

Also, artists need to stop making them so damn sexy, otherwise I'm submitting lists. lol

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Godmars2903592d ago

There's also that ninja chick and the African girl.

Viper's too new to even be considered.

Bogus List!

MrWeymes3592d ago

I don't like Rose.

Pullum was considered, but ultimately failed.

JD_Shadow3592d ago

She is, like, a HUGE icon in the SF series. That and she could do that line from Bad Girlfriend: Mess with her, she'll f_ck you up.

I don't know if I would want to hit Cammy. Nothing wrong with her looks or anything, but remember who has some sort of mind control over her. Let's just say, I'm not about to go PSYCHO because of her.

Elena and Ibuki would've been PERFECT...Ibuki I could see having some kinkiness in her (I like kinkiness), and Elena is FLEXIBLE, for f_ck's sakes! How can you beat THAT?!

MrWeymes3592d ago

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry starts dating a gymnast and thinks that they're going to have some crazy sex, but it turns out to be normal?

Flexible girls aren't that sexy.

-EvoAnubis-3592d ago

Spoken like someone who's never had one.

LeonSKennedy4Life3592d ago

I remember that episode. That was so depressing...

Gosh, I love Seinfeld.

MrWeymes3592d ago

I've been with a flexible woman before. Her antics were amusing and impressive, but there is very little difference in the sex.

She didn't hang from a rafter on the ceiling or anything. lol

-EvoAnubis-3592d ago

In that case, I'm sorry. You got cheated out of what you should have got.

MrWeymes3592d ago

I want to know what I missed!

Was she supposed to use me as a balancing beam? lol

Tacki3592d ago

It's ok MrWeymes, regardless of what you missed you can still call it "rhythm gymnastics".

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Gambit073592d ago

Ken's girlfriend should have been there :)

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