Study Says: Games Make You Drive Faster

An article from states:

"a new study has found that for a quarter of young Motorists, driving a car is like a game (men being the worse offenders), and that being the case, the study has found that more than a third of young drivers are more likely to drive faster in real life after playing on-screen driving games!"

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FordGTGuy4307d ago

they didn't pop a brain cell doing this study.

Sphinx4307d ago

I play videogames every chance I get, but I am always getting ragged on for how slow I drive.

sak5004307d ago

Well i usually drive around Kms/h 160-200 on Mph 100 - 120

powervr4307d ago

I avoided an big accident because I was playing grand prix 2 (I think it was number 2) in Commodore Amiga...

I could easily killed 5 people...
but nothing hapened...

I know this, because I was able to control the car without the car pointing to the direction of where I was going...
that I learned in that game!

a bunch of people was in front of me without lights in the middle of the road... maybe drunk or something.
When I saw them I toke measure to avoid a terrible massacre...

Still Am thankfull for my Amiga and my grand prix!

sorry about my english...

jpod4307d ago

what the game designer said at the end. even i play racing games and i wont speed. i drive at a reasonable speed. as the designer said, it is probably their mood or so.