Why you should get Netflix if you have an Xbox Live gold account

Jonathan Oosting writes,

"Over one million Xbox Live users have activated Netflix since the service launched in November and watched more than 1.5 billion minutes of streaming video, according to figures released today by Microsoft.

There's a reason the collaboration has been successful: It's really, really cool.

Anticipating the launch of the Netflix Live service in November, I recommended giving it a try. Four months and hundreds of hours spent watching streaming video later, I demand you give it a try. You've got an Xbox; you've got a Live Gold account; you need Netflix. Period."

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MisterNiwa3599d ago

To waste more money? =/

Well... i rather buy my movies on bluray...
Wasnt meant to be fanboyish comment now but you
have to agree bluray has a damn good quality. =/

Why dis3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Has anybody ever seen a 360 room free of PS3 trolls?

This is a great option for people that just want to rent/watch movies.

Whats the reason for your comment? do you have XBL or are just talking out of your ass?

Did you read the text? I'm going to assume you own the 360 and a Blu-ray player only then does your comment become valid.

xwabbit3599d ago

Why dis... one day.... one day i will take ur comments seriously!... not but serious yeah... if u don't care about watching a movie in a SUPER GOOD QUALITY(blu ray) i would recommend the netflix thingy, movies look fine, but if you really enjoy watching HQ movies then..... get ur butt up and go get a BD movie at blockbuster :). If i had xbox only, I would take that offer, that way i don't need to get my ass up and drive to Blockbuster......(thats what i normally do tho LOL)

Why dis3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

"one day i will take ur comments seriously!"


You people take what I say very seriuosly hence the attacks/tracking and trolling. The 360 doesn't have Blu-ray so your PS3 fanboy rants don't matter.

hulud863599d ago

For sure it does. If you want to pay $24.95 per film. I only buy my favorites on Blu-ray because there are so many movies that i would never want to own but would like to watch once, thats where Netflix comes in.

PS3 boys are just jealous that the Playstation Network doesn't offer the good stuff so bash all you want fanboys if thats what helps ease the pain.

JaggedSac3599d ago

Netflix on the 360 is awesome. I already had a Netflix account with 2 movies at a time before they announced their collaboration. I can now stream HD content through Netflix, and I can get 2 blu rays at a time for my stand alone player. Netflix friggen rocks.

jaysquared3599d ago

While netflix is quality is not as good as Blu Ray but I was suprised how good netflixed looked on my 92" screen(got an HD projector.. Their movie selections aren't all the great yet but their TV selections are great. You also get really good old movies like all 3 of the Back to The Futures which i love! All 3 lord of the rings are on their now too with the extended versions...

Eddie201013599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

Why Dis, I have a PS3 and Xbox 360, Netflix streaming is pretty good, but I could take it or leave it(the movie selection for streaming isn't the greatest), It certainly would not convinced me to buy a Xbox 360. Most of the people that activated the Netflix Service were already Netflix customers and like I said before a lot of the new customers that Netflix has gotten (300,000) since Xbox live started offering Netflix service were from people who got Blu-Ray players (stand alone or PS3) during the hollydays and started a Netflix account to rent Blu-Ray's. There Blu-Ray service is doing very well.

As far PSN Video service, they probably offer more movies than Xbox Lives Video service not counting Netflix streaming, They don't offer as many TV shows, but thats going to change soon with MTV networks joining PSN.

You can stream Netflix to a PS3 from your computer, not as convenient but not that difficult either.

Microsoft's announcement and numbers amounts to nothing more than spin in my opinion.

Why dis3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

"Why you should get Netflix if you have an Xbox Live gold account"

No one is asking you guys whats better dude simply said take advantage of XBL's and Netflix's offering. lol

Why do loyal PS3 fans twist sh*t always trying to open up an excuse to preach the gospel of Sony/PS3?

All my disagrees and replies seem to suggest I said one was better than the other? lol

Eddie201013599d ago

Why dis - no I have not seen a 360 room that didn't have PS3 troll in it and I have not seen a PS3 room without a 360 troll in it, you being one of them.

My opinion of the service is relevant. So you can stop repeating yourself.

dragunrising3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

What does this article have to do with blu-ray or PS3? The article doesn't mention either. If everyone else is going to talk about them, then so will I. I use Netflix for blu-ray, DVD, and Instant streaming. Its simple, as my PS3 plays all of my physical media and my 360 streams movies from Netflix. Also, why would you ever want to go to Blockbuster when you can get multiple movies from Netflix at a fraction of the cost? I have saved hundreds (perhaps thousands) of dollars renting and streaming movies from Netflix. $5 blu-ray from Blockbuster or less than a $1 for a blu-ray? Your pick.

Anon19743599d ago

...if you live in one of those regions where you can't get Netflix on your 360. We like to refer to those regions as "the rest of the world".

Netflix would be nice to try but once again MS seems to be taking the route of "If you don't buy our consoles, you don't get anything."

I bought a 360 and I don't live in the US. Shouldn't I get something close to the same experience that American 360 owners get? Apparently not.

xwabbit3599d ago (Edited 3599d ago )

LMAO u calling me a fan boy ? my bubbles left cus of fan boys . Just look at my post history nub and look at my submissions and at the news i approve.

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DaGamingKing3599d ago

I certainly would try Netflix if:
- It was available in Australia
- MS Got off their Ass and gave us a Video Marketplace

Nuff said!

Mr_Bun3599d ago

Or any other reagion outside the US

tplarkin73599d ago

For 9 bucks a month, you can watch an unlimited amount of tv shows/movies. New content is added every day. My experience has been excellent. I have 8Mbps download and I get the highest quality bitrate.

ActionBastard3599d ago

Let me guess...SD movies are full bars, HD are 2 or 3? I found the service to be nifty, but the selection to be "meh" at best. I have DirecTV so streaming TV shows is useless. As is watching sh!t movies from the early 90s.

anubis123599d ago

sh!t my girlfriend loves it she cant get enough csi, law and order, and the office....etc she loves my xbox now...considering i have had netfix forever and while im still currently getting blu-rays from netflix also....but i love the streaming its easy and nice.

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