Would You Like A "One Console" Generation?

Ever since the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were announced, fanboys have been present. People coming up with the most ridiculous comments to defend "their" console even they are both amazing consoles. Now what if Sony and Microsoft decided to head into the next generation working together?

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PirateThom3592d ago

The single easiest way to stiffle innovation and games that push hardware.

Sasanova3592d ago

how do you mix innovation and greed?

The gaming GOD3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Think about that and be careful of what you wish.

A one console generation could almost completely eliminate innovation because there won't be anyone to "out do".

And if people think games cost too much $$$ now, what do you think will happen to those prices without the competition of other consoles?

butterfinger3592d ago

with Pirate, but instead of a "one-console generation", I'd just like to see Sony and Microsoft create a console together. It would be so nice to have every online gamer to be able to play against any other online gamer as opposed to only being able to play on PSN or LIVE.

meepmoopmeep3592d ago

i agree Thom.

while a one console world would be more practical for the consumer's dollar
competition is good to drive the industry forward.

SaiyanFury3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Not quite. Since the console wars started back in the 80s with the Sega Master System and NES, and continuing on with the Genesis and SNES there have been fanboys present. Every gamer had an opinion as to what was the best console. The only difference between then and now is that today the WWW gives everyone with an internet connection a conduit to voice their own opinion. With society's tendency to criticize everything to death, and the media's obsession with blowing things out of proportion, it's not surprising that this generation has become the most vocal and outspoken. Which is better? Some would say the PS3. Some would argue the Xbox 360. The debate over consoles has gone on for over 20 years and I doubt it's going to stop here.

Sayai jin3592d ago

Simple, no competition equals higher prices, less quality games, etc. So i agree with Thom. I mean look at all the competition. You guys like your XBL NXE or PS Home, KZ2, Gears, etc. Every time you turn around there is a really good game. application, etc coming out of each camp.

Kevin McCallister3592d ago

I understand all the business/competition reasons for why this won't and shouldn't happen, but it's still an interesting thing to think about. Sony on the hardware, MS on the system OS, and a combination of their input on the online system. Combine that with their gaming catalog and you have a system that would be pretty much unstoppable, even for Nintendo with their new audience. Competition wouldn't necessarily disappear because there's still Nintendo and a fourth company, likely Apple, would probably join the console arena to correct things they feel Sony/MS are doing wrong.

I_am_rushin3592d ago

I would much rather have cross-platform online play. That would be awesome, but sadly it will never happen.

Doppy3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

I completely disagree. A one console future will be great and here's why.

1. Innovation. Great games comes from developers trying to outdo one another, not because of consoles trying to out sell one another. As a result of a one console future developers will have to work harder to set their game apart from the pack. And with a one console we would be able to see more niche games since developers would only have to make a game for one platform, and more than likely that console will have a large adoption rate due to being the only console.

2. Better quality games. Currently a majority of games on the 360 and PS3 are the same multiplatfrom games, the only difference are the exclusives which are minuscule compared to the amount of multiplatform titles that come out each year. With the time developers spend tweaking games so they can work on multiple systems they could instead use that time to polish a game for one system resulting in better games.

3. Price. It's cheaper to buy one console instead of 3. Would you rather buy One-play-all console for $500 or a $199 360, $250 Wii, and a $399 PS3? $500 vs $850 you choose?

4. Online. All gamers will be able to share the same online experience, and not be segregated by console preference or how much their parents are willing to spend on one system. We would be able to see who is truly the world's greatest players.

5. Developers pray for a one console future. Some developers want games put out every year (Activision), and that fine. But those developers that truly stick to it, and go through the task of learning the hardware will be able to pull off amazing feats which will set there game above the rest (Killzone 2).

That being said I don't think we'll see a one console future, but I could definitely live with a 2 console future (PS360 and Wii 2 since they are so different). I only con I see with one console is possibly Price (they could seriously charge us an arm and a leg, but I don't expect this to happen).

cayal3592d ago

I'd like a fanboy free generation.

soxfan20053592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Now that multi-platform games make up such a high percentage of all games (my guess is about 80%), we practically have a one console generation already. PS3 has a few exclusives, Xbox 360 has a few exclusives, but almost every game is not only available on each system, but they are virtually identical. This is a realization not lost on today's consumers. A $199 Xbox 360 can play almost all the same games that the $399 PS3 can play.

So, it really comes down to exclusives. However, for each system's exclusives, there is a very similar game, whether exclusive or multi-platform, available for the competing console. Fanboys may be able to nitpick miniscule differences in exclusive games, but the average gamer just wants fun games for their money, and each console delivers essentially the same games. There are great first-person shooters, third-person shooters, RPG's, racing, sports, and platformers available for both consoles.

Back in the days of SNES vs. Genesis, PS1 vs. N64 & Saturn, and even PS2 vs. XBOX and Gamecube, there were a high percentage of exclusives to differentiate each console. Now, as game production costs approach blockbuster movie-like budgets, the only way for developers to recoup their investments is to create games available to the most people, and that means multi-platform. Why limit your potential audience to 20 million, when it can be 50 million?

If we want to continue to see the kinds of innovative, detailed, and immersive games that we see now, then multi-platform will continue to be the norm until there is a one console future.

Some argue that consumers would suffer if there is no console competition, but I see it the opposite way. Developers will have to compete for shelf space with other developers, and that will spur continuing innovation. Because PS3 and XBOX 360 gamers are far more educated about games that Wii owners in general, developers would not be able to create shovelware and expect us to buy it. I would feel confident about a Sony/Microsoft console venture.

Proxy3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Whoever that is, they should know that 3 years after they release their console I will release my console which is 2 or 3 times faster, larger, stronger, and better by every measure. Did I mention it's only 50% more expensive?

This is what every good business man is thinking.

Cynical-Gamerzus3592d ago

All movies end up on the same type of projection screen Tech Ahole (I-max aint so different )..Video Game Software should be the same as well!! ,Game companies make no money off of consoles initially,especially REAL game console(Leave the Wii toy out of this one)!!

So make a Fughckinen Game console with Tons of Ram and decent GPU and CPU and we will be all so Happy!! let the software do all the amazing stuff!!!
Look at the Sega Arcade Boards and the amazing rich diversity of games!!!

One Console!!!!for 400 bucks
Thousands of amazing games for 30-40 bucks!!!

jammy_703592d ago

we getall the exclusives and all the games!

every one! gears and killzone on one console greaatttt

Microsoft Xbox 3603592d ago

Having more than one option is always good.

JsonHenry3592d ago

What idiot would want a one console generation?

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Liquid Snake3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Imagine if there was only 1 console there will be no need for the....

Open zone ------>

Imagine it kids close your eyes and think of it.... The Super X-Dendostation :-P

MisterNiwa3592d ago

I luv my Super X-Dendostation!

lord_of_balrogs3592d ago

If having PS360 would shift market favor in Sony's and MS way then I would support it. Their platforms preserve the hardcore games market while the Wii is killing it. If it kills the deathgrip the Wii has on marketshare then I'm down for it.

Cicinho3592d ago

How many "hardcore" gamers do you know that would choose a wii over a 360 or PS3? The Wii is a novelty selling to everyone because no one has seen it before, those same people who wanted a ps3 or 360 before they even knew wii existed, still want or have one now.

The wii is killing nothing.

RUPITY3592d ago

Fck no,I don't want the RROD in my PS4.

terrandragon3592d ago

We'd obviously be using PS4 hardware and MS's advertising. Imagine KZ3 being advertised to the fullest, while pumping out the best graphics to that date?

lord_of_balrogs3592d ago

But we'd have to use the 360 gamepad, lets face it, it's way better.

IaMs123592d ago

Controller layout yes but the Dpad is all Sony lol.

Black Maverick3592d ago

Just what PS3 owners wanted. A clunky controller with a horrible D-pad and Mountian Dew Killzone Game Fuel.

MerkinMax3592d ago

Why would you need to advertise?

Max Power3592d ago

that is purely a personal preference. I enjoy my Dual Shock, perhaps they would make bundles with either controller available to satisfy the gamers preference.

gametheory3592d ago

Are its shoulder buttons, everything else is excellent on the Dualshock. However, the gamecube's D-pad, triggers and analogue sticks were the best. So I would take the Dualshock's face buttons (including start, select and PSN button), Nintendo's D-pad, analogue sticks and triggers, and Microsoft's shoulder buttons. I would also choose either the Dualshock's or the wavebird's shape. NOT the 360 controllers shape.

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tharealest3592d ago

no need for gimmicky wii motion controls and below average graphics, rrod, generic Overhyped shooters (halo/gears) and a fee for online gaming on my PS3/PS4

soxfan20053592d ago

360 shooters are overhyped? Have you been living under a rock for the past month?

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