Neocrisis: Top 5 games that need Resurrection

Neocrisis writes:

First off I am going to state that this list is not definitive. This list is purely the top 5 series of franchises I personally would like to see return this generation. With that out of the way lets continue. With The Top 5 Series that need to be brought back for this Gen.

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panasonic233474d ago

Panzer Dragoon would be awesome come on MS.

Liquid Snake3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

I will add a couple to the list, in no particular order.

-Legend of Dragoon
-Vagrant Story
-Dino Crisis series
-Shining Force

But i agree Capcom needs to bring Breath of Fire back.

panasonic233474d ago

hell yeah Dino Crisis were awesome.

jazzking20013474d ago

Legend of Dragoon

i saw some of the cutscenes in it and it was awesome

Liquid Snake3474d ago

Well there is always the small possiblity of a Legend of Dragoon 2, with Sony's 5 internal secret rpg's

**fingers crossed**

I loved doing the combos in it, especially when Dart goes "Volcano!!!" :P lol

3sq3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

Where's XENOGEARS? The best RPG ever created.

The story's so deep and twisted. Not even FFVII comes close to it.

Edit: I posted in the wrong place sorry, Liquid.

gta28003474d ago

"spinning came!"
"gust of wind dance!"
"summon 4 gods"

the list goes on. I can probably name all of them! if they made a LOD2 I will be the happiest gamer ever!!! LOD and FF8 are tied for my all time favorite RPG's. But I think LOD might have the edge though ^-^

Wolf8733474d ago

Dino Crisis seriously needs a come back. In my opinion, it was one of the better franchises of Capcom, except for 3rd installment in the series.

Add to that list: Legacy Of Kain series: bring back Kain and Raziel!

PataponKnight3474d ago

HD Castlevania: SOTN. I would cream my pants.

ry-guy3474d ago

A Xenogears remake would be awesome.

Xenosaga just didn't cut it. I couldn't even roll through the first game :(

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TrevorPhillips3474d ago

Capcom also needs to bring back dino crisis and onimusha

Reibooi3474d ago

Dino Crisis Remake yes please. But the last one with Dinosaurs in space was just retarded.

I also wonder why Capcom haven't made a next gen Onimusha game. The games always sold well and they could easily make another game.

TrevorPhillips3474d ago

look guys imagine they did make dino crisis for 360 and ps3 using resident evil 5 graphics how awesome would that be huh :)

Liquid Snake3474d ago (Edited 3474d ago )

only if they include run and gun. But it would be pretty spiffy (cool)

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